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    Boss music help...

    The free tracks I offer include boss themes, but they have been used in other projects. Check out my YouTube channel with the button in my sig. My boss themes are usually named as such. : )
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    Looking for music for a DDLC style dating sim (Minus the murder and horror part)

    I have several free ones downloadable from my YouTube channel. Feel free to credit me as Aaron Krogh if you use anything. : )
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    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    Hi everyone! I'm moving my individual downloads to YouTube. Each track that's available for free, commercial use will have a download link in the video's description. Videos have already been added, and more are on the way! Feel free to use downloadable tracks in your projects without asking. My...
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    Updating my YouTube channel

    Updating my YouTube channel
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    Welcome to the community! Glad to see another RMXP veteran has joined our ranks. :)
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    Hello, I'm new here!

    Welcome! We’re glad you joined.
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    I'm here :D

    We’re glad to have you as a member! Be sure to check out Resource Central if you haven’t already.
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    Here Am I

    Welcome to the community!
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    Finally ready to make a profile here!

    Welcome! We’re glad to have you here.
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    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    Hi everybody! Here are three new tracks from a planned new album of 100% free-to-use music resources. If I had the time and money to assemble a team to make my very own RPG idea, this would be the soundtrack. Some tracks are based on my unfinished loops and early demos from 2007. I cannot say...
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    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    Someone told me the links were down, so I've re-uploaded all three archives and updated the original post. I'm including them here as well: FINISHED TRACKS, 2010 - 2014, #110, 147 - 314 (Includes all previously released, free SoundCloud tracks. All are free to use without restrictions...
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    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    All right, here are the refreshed links. I edited the original post to reflect these links. You may download my entire music collection from the links posted below. These tracks are in MP3 format & were written specifically with RPG Maker in mind. Please credit my work with my full...
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    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    I'll re-up in a bit.
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    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    Hi everyone. A quick update. Unfortunately, my SoundCloud premium account expires today. My music will still be available to download from the links. I'm sorry this had to happen, but I appreciate all of your kind words of support. Thanks!
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    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    It can be used for anything you want! I just ask to be credited as the composer for my tracks.

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