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    Looking for a team to accumulate experience with

    I don't know about the original owner of this post but I do have a project if you're interested. The link is here : And the screenshots are out dated I'll update tomorrow hopefully. I'm also willing to take ideas and change it up if you want to pitch in.
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    [Recruitment Reset] Across the Night - Mystery/Horror RPG

    Sweat to see this re-opened!  I'm completely up to the mapping place. :)
  3. Abagail Asta

    Hotel Pilipinas

    Hey great to see you're still making games :) This game looks really interesting sadly don't have a chance to help out. Sorry.
  4. Abagail Asta

    Chibi enemies

    can't argue.
  5. Abagail Asta

    that would be the coolest. I may do that...who knows.

    that would be the coolest. I may do that...who knows.
  6. Abagail Asta

    Chibi enemies

    Holly mother of all that's good what is that! Ha but good work, and somehow the crazy one is still cute. (just a bit...)
  7. Abagail Asta

    Chibi enemies

    Oh My God that's the cutest thing I've ever seen! THE HEARTS. curls up and has a heart attack. :)
  8. Abagail Asta

    Chibi enemies

    No I meant it is impossible that you could have made it better it's amazing. My apologies. (I need to refrain from sarcasm and social media when running off 1 hour of sleep)
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    Chibi enemies

    It actually DOESN'T get any cuter.
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    Mega-Mangled Intro of Doom

    that's always fun. :) I got MV for Hanukkah but I hope you find a good way to get a hold of them.
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    Mega-Mangled Intro of Doom

    You're welcome, enjoy this world and forum. There are many people here that are really nice and generally fun to talk to, as well as people who offer help and services. :) Enjoy.
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    Mega-Mangled Intro of Doom

    Hello and welcome, I don't have much insight or knowledge but I wish you the best of luck in the world of game dev.
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    Yeah just saw the announcement (assuming you mean Pokemon) I'm so psyched.

    Yeah just saw the announcement (assuming you mean Pokemon) I'm so psyched.
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    Song Of Nine Worlds - Looking for help

    Okay this game is in it's early stages and it's going to be a LONG time before it will be done.                                             Trivia What is it in : RPG Maker MV What Genre : Either Fantasy or Si-Fi but probably Fantasy Age Restriction : This game will be child friendly...

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