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    Replacing colors in generator. Modifying hair color, skin color, etc

    What about a light brown? There is either dark pink or medium brown.
  2. Abashi76

    Chakram Weapon Sprite for MV?

    I want one. Like in Lakria Legends.
  3. Abashi76

    Steam Management Tool does not work

    It doesn't even appear on my menu.
  4. Abashi76

    How do you add "fogs" to RMMV? (like the ones in RMXP)

    Is there any simple way to add fogs (like fog, clouds, shade, sandstorm, sunlight) to RMMV? By this, I mean the kind of thing that was built in to RMXP which is to have fog exist on the map. I saw Youtube videos talk about this plugin. Where do you get that plugin? Is there anyway to do it...
  5. Abashi76

    Playtest stopped working on RPGMV

    I have the standalone version. How could the program be corrupted? It worked at first, but also had a delay in loading playtests. I'll try to re-install. Could it be a RAM problem? My RAM is only 4GB but i'm supposed to get more soon.
  6. Abashi76

    Playtest stopped working on RPGMV

    I use Chrome. I don't understand why the program would become corrupt all of the sudden. It's possible that something on my computer is blocking the program from play testing anything. I am able to play RMMV games just fine.
  7. Abashi76

    Playtest stopped working on RPGMV

    They're both the same version. Both are 1.6.2 Everything is the same version. I never even needed an updated. This is the second time I posted this information.
  8. Abashi76

    Playtest stopped working on RPGMV

    I don't remember ever updating the program. That couldn't be it. As I said, I tried making a new project already. I have version 1.6.2! The .js file says my project is exactly the same version.
  9. Abashi76

    Playtest stopped working on RPGMV

    I have Windows 7 32-bit, which is according to this site to be able to use the RPG Maker MV program. At first everything worked alright and I was able to do everything. But recently the program stopped play-testing the game and testing the battle formations. Every time I click the green...
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    My planned two future RPG Projects (Practice Stuff)

    Oh, I didn't notice that. I was looking for a thread and did not want use the WIP section because of all the finished games there.
  11. Abashi76

    My planned two future RPG Projects (Practice Stuff)

    I'm hoping to make two games with RPG-Maker XP. They are titled Skytide Project one and two. I'm planning to use animated battle sprites for the second one, and scripting. While the first one is basic and will have little to no scripting (programming). I'm hoping that I can get MV in the near...
  12. Abashi76

    RMMV Bhavacakra Maco 0.4.4 - Halted

    That's too kool, is it free?
  13. Abashi76

    Flying Battlers from 2K3 for XP?;wap2 The one thing that should still exist in the XP version is the battle pictures that move up and down if they are flying. Are there any scripts or methods to do this? There should be, with all the mods out there this is the one thing that should exist...
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    Mod Request : Awesome features R2K3 to XP

    I have looked up this issue, to see if there are any mods to bring back R2K3 features into newer RPG Makers. The reason is, I loved those features in R2K3, especially the battle sprites for the player (since it looks stupid on RPG Maker XP). Not only that, R2K3 has a built in system to allow...
  15. Abashi76

    Bugs that randomly happen and can't be fixed

    No, all events i'm complaining about are all in different maps. The specific problem is after I have a npc walk up to another npc, no battle animation shows up and I did that part correctly. I think I tried changing which event is "autorun" during the map to be like my others, but it still...

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