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  1. RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    6.0 is still a release candidate, not released yet. I wouldn't use it for production, nor should anyone else yet. Once it has had time to settle, then maybe. Also, I've updated my repo to PixiJS 5.3.7 as well as fixing JOIPlay compatibility. Someone contacted me about memory usage, I'm still...
  2. RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    Well, that introduces another rendering issue. I feel like this is a game of whack a bug. So if I set it to layer 4 I get: And at layer 6 I get: I feel like I'm really close on this, but missing something simple. Edit: I think the issue is in the call to this._sortChildren. If I disable...
  3. RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    So I found an issue with artifacts being left after a zoom/unzoom if I disabled the ShaderTilemap. I enabled it again, gave the default layer a z order of 6 (to fix an intermittent transparency issue.) From those following this thread do you see any issues with giving the upperZlayer a ZIndex...
  4. RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    Well then, I still need to put in license files, but here:
  5. RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    I would except it violates the RPGMV license. VSCode auto formatted the files on save and to reduce the size of the patch, I ran the auto format on the original code. I was hoping that the patch tool would be able to use the context to fix up those changes. My suggestion is to open VS Code...
  6. RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    Put together everything. Removed the files from my previous posts because they had issues and I don't want people to run into those problems. Fixes everything I could find, and brings in some new features. In the zip you'll find a, Pixi libraries, .jshint file, jsconfig.json file...
  7. RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    Got fullscreen scaling fixed up and a fix for the full multiply filter in pixi-picture. Works great with nwjs v0.45.6, stay away from v0.48+ for performance reasons. This will allow webm files with VP9 to properly play and end. (No black boxes from time to time.) Works with nwjs v0.29 which...
  8. RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    I haven't when I went to download it, it was 50 days old already, so I figured it wasn't really correct. The main problem with the Windows is RenderWebGL is now just Render. I've gone and fixed everything up, I think, updated to PixiJS 5.3.3, NWJS 0.43, and does it ever run so much smoother...
  9. RMMV Guide to Upgrade MV to PIXI v5

    So I've been playing with things today. First I can give you a fix for the Windows, meaning you won't be breaking everything. Remove: this.filterArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(); this.filters = [WindowLayer.voidFilter]; From: WindowLayer.prototype.initialize = function() { in RPG_Core.js...

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