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  • Trying to develop a game while juggling a full-time job and social activities is pretty troublesome. The feeling is akin to playing a long, long RPG for a few hours, and then taking a month long break. What was I doing again? Why do I even have this item? Where am I even?
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    I find that it's much easier to maintain production on your game if you do something on it every single day.  Make a single event, map a little, make some items, just something.

    You only need spend 5 or 15 minutes on the project to keep it fresh in your mind, even as a social life and a job take up your attention.

    But, I also work on my game while at work.  As in, I'm thinking pretty much exclusively about my game and things I'm going to do while I work.  When I get home, I at least write those ideas down for implementation when I have more time.  If I have time when I get home, I implement them immediately.
    A random little thing I do (especially when I know I'll be parting with my project for a bit) is create comments or events on the map that tell me exactly what I was thinking where I left off. I put this in something I will always click on to check--something so ridiculously out of place in that map, like a volcano floating in space, or a clown in a funeral scene. It's always funny to see how frustrated the notes sound at the time, or how I was clearly excited about something (I write a lot of all-caps in that stuff). XD

    It's a quick and dirty method to give your brain a jog. :)
    Thanks for all the suggestions! I really appreciate you all taking the time to share your own processes.

    I'll be trying a lot of this stuff out as I move forward, and hopefully (screaming internally) I'll have more progress to show in the coming weeks!

    You guys are the best. 
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