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    MV White Screen on Loadup

    Solved it myself In case anyone has this problem again: Its not enough to simply uninstall your drivers, even if they are not from microsoft but from AMD/NVIDIA. Its also not enough to perform a "clean installation" from e.g. Geforce Experience. It is important that you do the following steps...
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    MV White Screen on Loadup

    - Tried running as admin, also not working - Its the same for all projects, not one specific one - Currently have no other computer available, but tbh I assume it would work there - I can not create a new project, as this does happen at the startup of the program, not possible to create...
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    MV White Screen on Loadup

    Hi, I used MV for a whole while now. The last time was around 2-3 weeks ago, everything was working fine. Tried to open it up today and got stuck in the infamous white screen of death right after the splash logo. Windows 10 Steam-Version Nvidia Drivers are up to date (461.93), however I just...
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    Possible to stop the execution of a common event during other events?

    They actually do. The Common event is a parallel process and while it does not actively do something DURING the event, it "stores" the event and then executes it afterwards. E.g.: There is a common event running ni the background that lets the main actor lose 10HP every 5 seconds. If you now...
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    Possible to stop the execution of a common event during other events?

    I have a common event that updates some player stats in the background every few seconds. I would like to pause that during the execution of other events. I know I can simply turn of the switch that is used or it and activate it again once I am done, but this seems like a lot of work for every...
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    Tile Changer (Copy Tiles and Change Tiles)

    It seems like I am doing something completely wrong here. I have 2 maps, Worldmap and Worldmap2. I want to copy tiles from Woldmap2 to Worldmap. I set NO note on Worldmap2. On Worldmap I set the following note: <load:[{"name":"Worldmap2","map":003}]> The ID for Worldmap2 is correct. I have set...
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    Examples for the Time Fantasy Tiles

    Thank you everybody for the replies, however I must say, that this one actually helped me the most. The fact that I could play your game directly on that page gave me so much more insight than I had before. I will buy ALL THE ASSETS now, they will do exactly what I need them to do.
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    Examples for the Time Fantasy Tiles

    The Time Fantasy series is really big and offers a lot of different options, characters, monster and tilesets. I am still thinking about buying all of it and basing my next game on it, simply because I like some aspects of the style and it is super convenient because of HOW large it is. However...
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    Custom Icons for every item

    I want to make sure that anybody who has a similar problem does not only find the question but also the solution: So, I was very annoyed that this was not possible and looked for somebody to write a plugin to do it. ct_bolt did an awesome job and you can find the plugin on his homepage...
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    Custom Icons for every item

    Hope I am in the correct part of the forum. So, I have a lot of icons I would like to use for my items. I know that there is one way to get them into the engine: Manually edit everything together in an external graphic tool and replace the IconSet.png in the img>system folder. However, in my...
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    Am I completely blind? I have a specific question how to do something in MV, where can I ask...

    Am I completely blind? I have a specific question how to do something in MV, where can I ask that question? Under "Maker specific" MV is not listed.
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    Your favorite "first boss" in a jrpg?

    Castoth from Legends of Gaia. Got the game when I was 7 or 8 and could not beat that guy until I was 12 because I was too stupid to understand how leveling works.
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    Galv's Message Styles

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin. A short question: I can not figure out how to use line breaks. My text is always displayed as one long line of text that in the end breaks through the screen if it is too long.
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    RPG Maker Web Winter Sale! + 3 New Releases!

    This is a really important question for me: Is the release of the other Ancient Dungeons Sets (Expansions) for MV also planned or on the Horizon?
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    Fantasy tilesets like the Pop! series for MV

    Thats the thing - I don't want to commission it, if there already is something like that available, either for free or as product that has to be paid for (read: It already exists and doesn't have to be commisioned) Indoor, Outdoor, Dungeon, Furniture, all of it.

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