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    Your favorite "first boss" in a jrpg?

    Castoth from Legends of Gaia. Got the game when I was 7 or 8 and could not beat that guy until I was 12 because I was too stupid to understand how leveling works.
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    Galv's Message Styles

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin. A short question: I can not figure out how to use line breaks. My text is always displayed as one long line of text that in the end breaks through the screen if it is too long.
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    RPG Maker Web Winter Sale! + 3 New Releases!

    This is a really important question for me: Is the release of the other Ancient Dungeons Sets (Expansions) for MV also planned or on the Horizon?
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    Fantasy tilesets like the Pop! series for MV

    Thats the thing - I don't want to commission it, if there already is something like that available, either for free or as product that has to be paid for (read: It already exists and doesn't have to be commisioned) Indoor, Outdoor, Dungeon, Furniture, all of it.
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    Fantasy tilesets like the Pop! series for MV

    Hi, I love the art style of the pop! series and would love to use something like it in a side project. Unfortunately the original series is not suitable for that as it is a modern theme. The closest I found was the Time Fantasy series and that is not exactly hitting the mark. Does one or...
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    What are the biggest mistakes begginers do?

    I really have to disagree with all the people saying "If you have a great idea, save it for later, do something else first." No. Don't do that. It is very possible that this will crush your motivation and your fun. Aim for the stars right from the start. Learn from your mistakes and rewrite your...
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    Can an RPG game survive without the 'main' items fights and Magic?

    I know this post was made a little while ago, but I still have to answer to it. Your premise here is not correct in my opinion: Stardew Valley is not an RPG. You have basically non of the main features of an RPG. If you want to push the game into classical categories it is a simulation first...
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    Your opinions on hard and mandatory bosses?

    I mean, there are ways to influence the range here. E.g. make sure that the boss does not sure his AoE kill spell in the next 3-4 turns after he used it the first time. However, I still dislike the concept of cheap shots / instant kill mechanics in general.
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    Your opinions on hard and mandatory bosses?

    No, not everybody should be able to finish the game. Making a boss hard is totally fine, making him unfair or frustrating is not. E.g. the last boss fight from FF13 is a good example here. That fight was not only hard but also frustrating because of the following mechanic: - If the main...
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    A good psychological horror game.

    Really do not want to sound like a douche, but the best location would be one that was not already completely overused, so actually none of them. I don't have a really good example right now, but try harder and find something more unique or at least more original :)
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    Managing multiple story lines

    Thats probably the reason he can't finish that damn book :D Thanks for all the feedback in this thread. Most of the posts where very helpful, but first of all I am going to try out twinery. This is basically exactly what I did in Visio, but it looks waaaay better. I'll give it a try and if...
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    Managing multiple story lines

    For my current project I have multiple storylines which resolve parallel and each influence each other (so e.g. the player needs to finish story line A before he can continue storyline B where he finds information that he can use in storyline B and then continue storyline C again etc.) This...
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    Do you have a #1 favorite game? Which one?

    I think I'll have to go with the Zero Escape Series :)
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    Looking for beta testers

    I'm in :)
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    Games you think are underrated

    Those games were SO good. They are actually more than just visual novels, they have different puzzle elements in form of escape room puzzles but they are SO well made... Those games are srsly awesome and also the last one - Zero Time Dilemma - is a great game. Granted, it really had its...

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