Well, well, well. You've found me. I am about the...second...most evil person you will probably meet. (Yes, Dalph, I'm more evil than you. Deal with it. :p ) The first is my sister. She's the Illuminati...No matter!

I am a programmer who can't script a single line of RGSS3, so it's a little sad. However, I am a decent artist! Will post pics of my works, soon.

PS: If you are Dalph, WATCH OUT! I'm taking your throne of evilness! MEHEHEHE!!! :p

Programming, art, video games, blowing up various things, daydreaming, not being bored...
Nov 30, 1998 (Age: 21)
Nowhere, Mars
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Thou art finished...

Never give up. Ever. EVER.

Mehehehehe...I'm evil.



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You know, I sometimes ponder if working on the story and details is more necessary than the game itself. Its... technically work, just not direct.

Like for me specifically I never stop evolving the story based on what avenues I can approach in gameplay and then I get anxious thinking "hey good thing I thought about that now instead of later". Repeat ad nauseam.
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So my office building has 8 individually rented offices in it; 3 of which are social workers and 2 are marriage therapists... Unsurprisingly it always sound very angry out there. Glad I have my own private entrance. :LZSexcite: :thumbsup-right:
I wonder if there's ever been an art challenge that involves drawing faces from the generator.

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