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    Custom Damage Formulas on certain weapons

    Ah alright. I'm gonna go ahead and make sure that my stats are not out of the wazoo. X'D Edit: OKAAAAYYYY...So it seems like I accidentally set my actor's dexterity to be 900. Oops. X'D
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    Custom Damage Formulas on certain weapons

    Thank you, DerVVulfman! I'm gonna try it out. (Also, remind me to add you to the credits. And send you a completed copy of the game I am working on, if you want.) Update: Works beautifully. Thank you. Update: So...I do have one issue. So, I have tried to fix this myself, but it seems that, on...
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    Custom Damage Formulas on certain weapons

    Hello. I was trying to make a script that gives specific weapons custom damage formulas (guns are based off of dex, and swords are based off of str), but then I realized I have literally no idea what I am doing, so I gave up and came here. I was hoping if anybody could help me out
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    RGSS1 (XP) Script issue

    So, then. I was FINALLY dipping my fingers into the RGSS scripting world. Decided to start with a simple XP game. I'm working on a simple monster book. I've...already ran into an issue. I was working on a list of monsters to select from. At first, it looks fine. But then I scroll down. I get...
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    Bravely Default Battle System

    Perhaps, the BP system, at least gaining BP can all be done with Battle Events. Thinking about it...You could literally replicate BP with nothing but one battle event, TP gain on defense, and the Luna Engine (and basic knowledge of modifying code). You're also going to want to disable the...
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    Swap Party Members when All Active Members Defeated

    Hi. I am making a game with a battle system with only 2 active party members. Why? When the active party members are defeated, I want to automatically swap the party members to the next in the list. If you need any more info, please ask, and I'll do my best to explain. The scripts I am...
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    Percent HP Numbers

    I figured it out myself using lots...and LOTS of testing. In Battle Luna, under refresh_type0, I replaced self.bitmap.draw_text(0, 0, self.bitmap.width, self.bitmap.height, str, type[:align]) with self.bitmap.draw_text(0, 0, self.bitmap.width, self.bitmap.height, ((str.to_f /...
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    Percent HP Numbers

    Is it possible to display the actor's HP as a percent in battle? I don't know how else to say it, so if somebody has any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks. AceTheMad
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    Counter-Attack Affected by Stats

    Thanks, man! I'll test to see if this works!
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    Counter-Attack Affected by Stats

    Heya, guys! I was working on a game, and I was wondering.... So, when I counter-attack, I already figured out how to make it so that the character still takes damage. But, I was wondering how to make it affected by stats, such as AGI. For example, if somebody has more than 5 AGI points than an...
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    World Map vs No World Map

    I tend not to use world maps. Mostly because I've never had need to. It's partly because my games focus more on the story than anything. It's linear. However, this doesn't mean I've never used them at all. In my first game, it was mainly a game focused on player's decisions. They could decide...

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