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    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 7.2.0

    Hey, thanks. I really appreciate that. I imagine this may get a bit complicated, but in any case since you're offering to fix it/troubleshoot for me, I will have to pay you. If it takes more work, I can give you more for it. I'll DM you later tonight with a copy of my project files. I'll set...
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    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 7.2.0

    Auto Cache clear was never turned on. It's likely an incompatibility, but the question is: why is there only an incompatibility on Version 1.6+ when none of these issues ever occurred on 1.5.2.? Would you be interested in looking at a copy of my game build so you can see for yourself?
  3. AdamSakuru

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 7.2.0

    @Oscar92player The reason I'm asking is because since upgrading my project to Version 1.6.2., I have had some issues with caching. The first thing I noticed was that the script call I was using to remove specific items currently in the cache no longer seems to function. It kept producing...
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    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 7.2.0

    @chaucer No problem. Does this plugin work properly on MV Version 1.6.2?
  5. AdamSakuru

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 7.2.0

    Is it possible to add in a plugin command to clear specific images/the whole folder from "system"? command : clear_system FILENAME Currently it's not in there as a plugin command.
  6. AdamSakuru

    Clear specific cached images (MV Version 1.6.2)

    How is this done? I cannot find any results when I look around. This was the script call I used to use. But it doesn't work in 1.6.2. ImageManager.cache._inner["img/pictures/ACCESS.png:0"].free() Edit: I already know you can clear the entire cache with "ImageManager.clear()" but I want to know...
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    Triple Triad Card Game

    I was actually thinking it might have been the RPG Maker MV Version. I'm using V 1.5.2 because moving to V 1.6 and above seems to break things in my game project.
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    Triple Triad Card Game

    After the first NPC says some stuff and it's supposed to give you cards I got this error.
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    Tomoaky's Jump Action (only on specific maps) Is it possible to edit this plugin to use in a project where it only makes specific maps function as platform levels? Meaning that when not on specific maps this plugin does not...
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    RMMV Sin Tax - Welcome to the U.S.B. [June 15th 2019]

    Updated! Demo extended a little. Added a couple new audio tracks to the game (ones I composed), cleaned out some bugs/errors and I've made some modifications to the Timed Hits due to some feedback about the timing being a bit too difficult for some. The window for a successful timed hit has...
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    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    Anyone know why you can't download the original demo as a whole anymore?
  12. AdamSakuru

    Announcement RPG Maker MV - v1.6.1 Stable Release!

    I made backups of my project and tried to update a copy of it to V 1.6.2. There were certain things that didn't work, but my game would slow down quite a bit when I opened the console for any reason. This never happened on V 1.5.2. I'm pretty sure I followed the instructions properly. Is the...
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    Match Card Lottery

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