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    Hello there, I am an Indie Developer of a One Man's Army as the projects I do are entirely made by myself as lead developer, designer, composer, gatherer, and "publisher" (Promoter) or whatsoever.

    My personal touch is making dark, yet gloomy games though I could and will get my hand into more cheery kinds. I'm mostly into RPGs and therefore I'm using RPGMaker for engine right now though I'll move in not so long onto GameMaker and Unreal.

    I have a discord server for game development and such, if you're interested in getting more in contact with me, make sure to check it out:

    Also here are my other channels for social media:

    Twitter: (Where I am active the most outside of Discord)

    Soundcloud: (New OST made, instantly posted there)

    Youtube: (Not really that active there, but If I have something special to share such as a sneak peek. For sure it will be there) Where all my games go of course, besides indieDB but I keep this one more updated, right now working with Passing Bell at

    Also for game developers here's the drive folder for my resources' master file in case you're lacking sound effects or general assets which are free to use in any kind of project. Including commercial, more information and specifications are written in the readme inside the folder:

    Have an awesome day and happy game development!