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    RMMV Extra effects for skill critical hits

    wow, so fast. I just tried it and it works perfectly, thank you very much JamesRyan. Can be closed now
  2. adder

    RMMV Extra effects for skill critical hits

    Hello everyone. I haven't worked with RPG Maker for a long time, now that I have some time I've started working on a small project and I've found some doubts that I can't find/can't solve. I'd like to create an ability that when it critically hits hits a second time with another animation, and...
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    RMMV Skills learning cost scaling

    Bump Hello again, it seems that no one knows how to do this, or my post opens past unnoticed, I suppose because of the dates in which we are at the end of the holidays / beginning of the year, etc. I have been looking for how to do it online, I saw a similar post that asked how to increase the...
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    RMMV Skills learning cost scaling

    Hi, I am trying to create skills that require gold and JP to learn them, I am using the Skill Learn System (YEP) and Job Points (YEP), I have no problem setting the base costs, but I would like to make the cost of gold increase with each skill you buy, (Example: 100, 200, 350… etc.) so that all...
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    Add item with variable

    Good, thank you very much caethyril and Rubescen both options work. Greetings and thanks.
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    Add item with variable

    Hi, I would like to know if it would be possible to add an object based on one variable and the quantity based on another variable, I am trying to do it through the script call $ gameParty.gainItem ($ dataItems [itemId], n); But I don't know how to add in variable 1 in "itemId" and in variable...
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    Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes

    I have the same problem as @huangpeifeng and @arekushisu, but something tells me that after such a long time and in view of the absence of @DreamX it will be difficult to solve it. Does anyone else happen or know where the problem is? All help will be well received. Greetings and good day.
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    Yanfly's Skill Learn System

    Hi Thank you so much, works perfect, the problem that led me to combine in the same statement would surely be to put "this._user" instead of "this._actor" Thank you very much for the help
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    Yanfly's Skill Learn System

    Hello, Im new to this forum, so Im not sure if this is the right section, but here it is... Im using Yanfly's Skill Learn System but since I have a huge amount of skills to learn, Id like to be able to 'hide' already learnt skills, instead of them staying on the list labeled as learnt. I...

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