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  1. RMMV Window layers

    Cool, thank you both very much for your help, I'll have a look at the srd plugin.
  2. RMMV Window layers

    Ah, that'll be why I can't find it as a property of the window then! Thank you. The xp/gold window isnt part of a scene and is drawn on-the-fly at the end of a battle so it will always be the last thing to be drawn, so it should be on the top layer? My status window is created at battle scene...
  3. RMMV Window layers

    Hi all Can anyone point me in the direction of how window layers are decided? I've created a new window in the battle scene that shows status icons, which is all fine other than when the battle ends the transparent window I've created creates a 'hole' in the xp/gold window. Thanks!
  4. What's the point of the luck stat?

    Luck is almost entirely pointless out-of-the-box. As above everyone seems to customise it. I use it for item drop rate and some small effect on EVA and CRIT.
  5. Can show max level in menu?

    You're not understanding what I'm saying. The script will draw "LV" and then grab the current level (actor.lvl or whatever). Max level will also be a property of the same actor so you can build it something like actor.lvl + "/" + actor.maxlvl.
  6. Can show max level in menu?

    I think you've misunderstood my intention or I've worded badly. I meant add the / as part of a string and then get the max level property of the actor and display it after the slash so that you get "LV 10/100". Just take a copy of any file you start messing around with first. I think this would...
  7. Can show max level in menu?

    It should only be a fairly minor amendment in js. In rpg_windows.js there is Window_MenuStatus. Somewhere in there it'll be drawing the level, off the top of my head I think it's in the drawActorSimpleStatus function. You could just add a / and then the max level property of the actor. I can...
  8. Best plugin/way to add special images to skills/attacks

    YEP action sequence and battle core will do most of this if I've understood what you want correctly.
  9. RMMV Custom Window elements

    I had given up on this thread so I hadn't noted that this was solved. After a couple of weeks of looking at js tutorials and other people's window plugins it eventually dawned on me that the drawActorIcons function takes the window's X/y values as zero rather that the graphic box. It had been...
  10. Hi, i need help with RPG Maker Fight ! :)

    I think you will need bigger sprites for 1920x1080. Sprite size will not automatically scale with your chosen resolution (unless you have a plugin that does so). I don't think there is a way to get around this.
  11. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    Does f8 give you any clues/errors? Did you move the project folder or any game data?
  12. Sound effects depending on HP level

    I don't understand why/how this would end your battle. Can you screenshot your common event please? I presume you're calling it in your Moment troop event?
  13. Potion Healing Every X Steps?

    My plugin was actually no good for it so I made you one that is. If you can read basic JS then should be easy enough to amend for what you want, help will show you how it's currently configured. Let me know if you need any help with it. Should save you a parallel process at the very least.
  14. Potion Healing Every X Steps?

    I made a plugin that counts steps for encounters so that the count persists between maps. You could probably use it with minimal amendment to achieve what you need if you've got a basic grasp of JavaScript. Happy to provide it if it would help.

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