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    Gameus' Quest System

    Thank you @Game_stailer94 for your fix and you continuing this wonderfull plugin, Thanks a lot for your time passed on this plugin. 
  2. Adlw

    Kocka Plugins

    Thank you for the update, Its more lacking that I make out a will now  ^^
  3. Adlw

    Luna Engine Lite Tutorials

    Yep, i would like to use to the Luna Engine too. I like the engine of Moghunter but i think the system of Luna it seems more adaptable with the Yami, Himeworks Yanfly Engine. I wait this....its too long to wait :(
  4. Adlw

    RPG MAKER VM Luna Engine

    Like that ^^ But Luna Engine lite or no lite made party of plugins announced since we still know nothing on this matter...
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    RPG MAKER VM Luna Engine

    and now ? The time is passed... No news for the Luna Engine ?? Will be Before 2016 :(  ?
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    Kocka Plugins

    Woow , plugin durability seems to be great!! Thanks for this !! But its possible to create another function for to create an object which increase the durability of this object ? ^^  Or it's  already possible?
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    Petschko's Resources

    I Love, love love your creation. Thank you !! And i watching your DA too!
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    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Thanks guy for your example its little bit difficult for person that the firts time to create fight ^^ !
  9. Adlw

    Mu's Character Gen Pack (V0.007 Wrinkles and Eyebrows?)

    Thank you for your job.  ^^ 
  10. Adlw

    Cronus' MV Generator Add-Ons

    Merci , cpacibo, obrigado, thanks ;) !
  11. Adlw

    [Resolved] Where the plugin SkipTitle ?

    Thank you ;) !!
  12. Adlw

    [Resolved] Where the plugin SkipTitle ?

    Ok its not me xD It's Yami the creator of this plugin ? it's only this plugin who forgotten ? C'est Dommage...this plugin it's so important for test T .T
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    [Resolved] Where the plugin SkipTitle ?

    Hello, i cant see where the plugin Skip title . Maybe it's not the same name o.o ? I search but i can't see xD. If you have an idea. ^^
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    Those who pre-ordered this RM engine(MV)

    I have started with RPG VX and Ace for to learn to children in my school to create a story and transform in rpg maker. I preorder MV because its very incredible as evolution. And i have Two GDD who sleep in my cupboard. It's time for me to continue these. ^^

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