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  1. RMMV Olivia_SkipCutscene js key change

    Alright, I think I understand now. Thank you.
  2. RMMV Olivia_SkipCutscene js key change

    I actually forgot it was a paid plugin. However as to what you're saying here. It's referencing 'cancel' which is a function assigned by rpgmaker. And you are suggesting to try changing the reference to a key input such as the key input E. Commenting out the original of course so that it isn't...
  3. RMMV Olivia_SkipCutscene js key change

    The plugin currently forces you to use the X key or right mouse button. There's currently no way for you to change the specific key used for Olivia's Skip Cutscene plugin. However I would imagine that it is more than possible. Although I don't know how myself due to not knowing how to write...

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