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    [RM2k3]Someone Still Have the 1.11 Installer to Lend to Me?

    There should be an RPG_RT.exe.old file in your game's project folder. If so, delete the current RPG_RT.exe file and rename the .old file to RPG_RT.exe (without the .old). If you don't have this .old file, copy the RPG_RT.exe file from your compiled v1.11 version over to your 1.12 version project...
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    How can I update RPG Maker 2003 to the latest version?

    I own both versions and the Steam one has updated to 1.11, so I know my standalone one is outdated. (I have both installed, but I prefer using the standalone version due to it not requiring me to have Steam running.) The standalone version I got a download link for in my e-mail, but I have no...
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    How can I update RPG Maker 2003 to the latest version?

    I have no idea how many times it's been updated since release, but I'm currently using RPG Maker 2003 1.10a. I also have RPG Maker 2000, so if the process is different for that edition, please let met know. Also, my apologies if this question has been asked before, but the new site search...
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    Please God help me limit myself and get this game done!

    One tactic that is very effective to me personally is doing a little bit of work on whatever my current project is every day. Even if it's just 5 minutes, doing a little bit of work many times will still amount to having done a lot of work. Especially if you have physical disabilities, this...
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    Trouble Importing Sprites. Basically, How do I do it?

    Some tips for importing graphics in general: Always import using the resource manager rather than editing the RTP or putting resources in the project's folder - this way you can check if the resources meet the requirements, as RPG Maker tells you if they don't. Make sure that your resources are...
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    Front view battle?

    If you move each hero behind the messagebox/portraits you'd still have to make them invisible, though, and unless you use portraits, you might not want to make them battle animation targets.
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    I have a few of questions, since this program is being updated...

    The problem with Resource Hacker is that it's a grey area when it comes to the legality of it at best. I'm personally still waiting for the EULA that describes what types of patches and other changes are allowed to be made to our projects outside of RPG Maker itself for this very reason.
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    The minimal RPG

    I wonder: do you consider random battles (whether they are steps-based or visible enemies you have to touch) to be essential or would a game that only has boss battles count as an RPG for you too?
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    Looking for a Database with some Final Fantasy-like Skills

    I realize this, but I never meant my post to imply that I'd make the database for this person, even if it could be read this way. What I was mainly trying to illustrate is that asking a vague question like "can I get a database with skills from game x" is not a request that is easy to answer...
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    The minimal RPG

    A common beginner mistake I've seen many, many people make is that they are overambitious with their games - especially when it comes to RPGs. I started to wonder: what would be the absolute minimum to make a game an RPG? Which features do you think are essential to the genre? Also, which...
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    Looking for a Database with some Final Fantasy-like Skills

    Which RPG Maker version do you want the database for? 2003, XP, VX, Ace? I haven't seen any specification, so even if someone wanted to help you out, odds are there they use an RPG Maker version you don't have/want to use. Also, do you want just skills or also things like battle animations...
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    Making Credits More Prominent

    I haven't been making any resources recently that I plan to put up for people to freely use, but I thought I'd talk about how I'd personally feel about credits just in case it becomes relevant or gives people a better idea of how they personally want to go about it. Personally, I would prefer...
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    Suggestions for the next RPG Maker

    I can't remember if I've posted here before, but... Basically, I want RPG Maker 2003 with more resolution options, no limit on colours per image, no character size/chipset tile amount limits, scripting capabilities and some way to edit the launch icon of the game's executable (without having to...
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    Non-contrived Save Point

    I like the campfire idea. This can also be combined with the fireplace, though I'd say the fireplace is the indoors version. When it comes to methods of saving that don't seem weird in-game, do remember that players tend to pay more attention to things that stand out rather than blend in...
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    2k3 and Music

    I have not tested this, but since there is a conditional branch option for "current BGM has completed a loop", I'd think that it's possible to first play the intro to a song as BGM and use a parallel process to track when it finishes looping once so you can then change the BGM to a looping...

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