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  • would it be cool if RPG Maker was available for the Commodore 64/Amiga. What retro console/computer do you guys think RPG Maker should be on?
    People on C64 used the SEUCK to come with some JRPG - anyway the lack of memory for a database was the real issue. AMIGA could afford something like RM 2k3 quite easily (if the thing doesn't go WebGL anyway). The issue is how much space the software occupy on the cartridge - you had JRPG even on the Gameboy, but an engine UI could occupy most of the space. Pokemini my choice, anyway.
    At least you can make a RPG with Amiga styled graphics if that's your thing. Of course, the actual limitations won't be there using a modern day PC.
    I had some form of RPG Maker in the 80s for my Atarii 800XL. I was trying to make a RPG based on Conan comics but never finished it. Believe it was RPG Maker from ASCII.
    I do apologize for my thread that I made last night. I really got frustrated with a few things relating to my MZ experience and took it out on the forum.

    I'm Sorry.

    Also, to Yanfly. I understand why you had to put prices on things as life ain't cheap. I was just upset that things had changed and I didn't like it.

    I'm sorry for my toxicity that I had provided to the community at large.
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I had to wrote for my job so called document "Annual Rate", based on this document employees will recieve pay raise. I wrote whole truth how I feel about my work and this is how I would summary my document:
Gonna take a break from helping people with resource requests, it has been too much of a disappointment lately.
whats the easiest way to add an on-map command in RPG Maker? like when you press a button the character just jumps or runs when its held? should i get an ABS plugin and customize?
Thinking of doing a crowdfunding kind of thing on my ko-fi page, but i don't have an audience :kaoswt2: and i don't want to go to the big crowdfinding sites cause i can't guarantee that i'll complete the project. It's just for fun but i still need some more tools. Anyone else in the same boat? :kaodes:
Pretty proud of this train station i'm making!

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