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    Where I can translate the "1% attacks" in the settings?

    "Harold attacks!" and such is located in each skill specifically, just below the animation selection dropdown.
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    Designing a combat system: Where do you start?

    I'm pretty happy with my combat system, so here was my approach: Find an existing combat system you really like and use that as the starting point. For me, that's the FF4/5/6/7/T/etc-like ATB system. Expand upon it by adding your own little touches. Ways you'd improve the system, I guess you...
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    To Durability Or Not To Durability

    Durability My vote is "not to durability." In all the games I've played, durability has been one of those things I hate. From rare swords with only 40 uses in FInal Fantasy Legend 1/2, to World of Warcraft making me time-out from playing the actual game just to find a vendor that will let me...
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    Yanfly Combat Systems Still Functional?

    I use the ATB system (also "not supported") and it works just fine. Technically though, one could argue that all of Yanfly's plugins are no longer supported since he retired, although "not supported" doesn't necessarily mean "nonfunctional." They all still work just fine.
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    How to properly apply arrows to a window?

    Yeah, I ninja-edited it in. This can be closed now.
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    How to properly apply arrows to a window?

    I just grabbed the coords for the left and right arrows in window.png, so if they're styled completely different than the up and down arrows, it'll show that way. That said, everything is working perfectly now. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. :D Edit: This can probably...
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    How to properly apply arrows to a window?

    Perfect, that should get me going in the right direction. Not sure why I haven't delved into rpg_core more, esepecially since I crawl through all the other ones quite regularly. Thanks. :)
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    How to properly apply arrows to a window?

    I was hoping to reference the right and left arrows defined in the window.png file directly, since that allows anyone reskinning it to specifically define a left and right arrow to their liking. Is there no way to reference those? I'll admit, sprites and graphics in mv are pretty much...
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    How to properly apply arrows to a window?

    So I've been making a thing that moves Guard (and any other commands I want) to either a right or left sub-page of the actor command window, kind of like how many of the mid-generation final fantasy games did it. Example: However, as you can see, the arrows suck even though everything else...
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    Parse a string in parameters array to be read as a formula

    The only way to "evaluate" a formula stored in a string is to run eval. For best results though, run your eval in a try/catch block, thus: try { var formulaResult = eval("7 + 9"); } catch(e) { console.log("something went wrong"); }
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    Instant Death Spell but you gain no EXP or Gold from it

    Not sure where the actually damage popups happen, haven't looked for them yet. Anyway, many of Yanfly's plugins are still free, including many of the most widely-used. As far as I know, the ones I listed are still free.
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    Instant Death Spell but you gain no EXP or Gold from it

    Well addState(1) is instant death that will kill just about anything, even bosses, unless they have state resistance (the thing that gives perfect immunity, not the percentage modifier) enabled. And, since it's the formula box, you'd still have that unwanted 0 damage popup. I wouldn't...
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    Instant Death Spell but you gain no EXP or Gold from it

    You'll at least need this micro-plugin: (You can credit me for it if you want, but it's less than 15 seconds of code so I don't care) Game_Enemy.prototype.exp = function() { return this._noBonus ? 0 : this.enemy().exp; }; = function() { return this._noBonus ...
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    YEP Auto save Plugin can not auto save?

    Not quite sure what's being asked, but with new games, it won't autosave until the player saves once manually. This is since a new game has not been saved yet, and thus, saving in the "last slot" could have unpredicatable and undesirable results. Also, it's up to the developer to call whatever...
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    [SOLVED] RPG MAKER MV : HP cost skill customization issue

    Try this. No guarantee, but it should work in theory: <Custom HP Cost> user._hpSnapshot = user.hp; cost += user.hp - 1 </Custom HP Cost> <After Eval> delete user._hpSnapshot; </After Eval> Then, change your damage formula to: (a._hpSnapshot || 0) + a.atk * 3

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