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Candacis wrote on BCj's profile.
I don't know, if any words will help right now, but here is a hug. And my offer to help you with Escalia, if you ever want or need help with it. Tiles or mapping especially.
MZ weather + title screen update is here! (Also includes MZ and MV RETRO demo project updates)
Get back to work! And yes, I am your real dad! Do what I say! Good day humans.
Small update but really happy to share with you the promotional art for the game, made by the talented @Kato-A who is also on this forum!
Drakken Encounter.png
I've been spending so much time in a weird haze recently that I'd been neglecting doing the things I really enjoy. My hobby project is going really well, and I wanted to do some drawing, so I did this!

If you wanna play it, there's a thread at If you don't, that is also fair!

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