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    Struggling with yourself

    Lots of people are in a similar situation. Normal societies used to value making families and upholding traditions. Now the same institutional forces, which are just as authoritarian as the old institutions, want to make us into a collection of corporate or government drones with no allegiances...
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    RMMV Force player off vehicle?

    Get On Vehicle requires the player be facing the vehicle. Get Off Vehicle requires the player to be facing a habitable tile. First, pick a 'parking spot' where you want the vehicle to be during a game over. If you intend for the player to lose access to the vehicle, this could be in an...
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    RMMV Floor Events, MogHunter's ChronoEngine ABS, MV

    I noticed a bug with ChronoEngine itself, as I can do this in the demo. If you spam your attack skills while walking, it's possible to move on to a on-touch event without triggering it. This makes it possible for the player to mess up map transitions and event triggers. Has anyone noticed this...
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    Using Kickstarter.

    In hindsight, I really didn't care about the money to begin with, so I really shouldn't care now. It was also my first game, so on the other hand I really shouldn't have tried to market it at all because there were a *lot* of mistakes, ham-fisted politics being the worst one. Furthermore I was...
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    Using Kickstarter.

    Pay no attention to the ordinary bush. Nobody is hiding behind it.
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    Using Kickstarter.

    Dammit. Now I need to go into hiding.
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    Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    And, now I need help. I'm getting some bug with the hookshot that shows up rarely and locks the player out of the controls. If the player gets hit controls come back and they can move again. I'm not surprised given all the other abusive things I'm doing with events, mixing Yanfly and Moghunter...
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    Using Kickstarter.

    This is half a gripe, but I also would like to know if this works. So, there's this RPGmaker game on steam with a $5 price tag that has about half the content of the $1 game I'm selling. No surprise why I can't market mine...I'm not an artist. I simply lack the skills to make good advertising...
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    plugin or easy way for armor customization?

    The closest thing I can think of that might help you is one of SumRndmDde 's plugins. I hope you're using MV. MZ is new so if you want uber plugins for it, you kinda have to wait.
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    How do you market a game with a mystery/plot twist without spoiling it?

    Thanks for the help. Sadly, it seems I need more. I posted the demo and it's received zero interest whatsoever, so I clearly need more help: First, I need to redefine the problem because I asked the wrong question to begin...
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    Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    Sorry, I can't make your project for you.
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    Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    Okay. Use the selfswitch trick to immediately turn the boss invisible. Have the corner event find the boss' location. Then have it move the boss to some corner of the map, move itself where the boss was, then call the explosion animation on itself.
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    My main character has 2 personalities. How do I make it work?

    If you're going the one actor approach, I recommend making the transformation a common event. I actually never needed plugins for that. If you're going the two actors approach...I think you have to use a menu plugin to remove the inactive actor from the party as the player brings up the menu.
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    Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    The three notes to get you started are: Dead Switch Id : X (Turns a switch on) Dead Variable Id : X (Turns a variable on) Dead Selfswitch Id: X (Turns a selfswitch on) All these are added as notes on the Enemy Sheet in the Database. If you reverse engineer the Mog ABS demo you'll see the bosses...
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    What options are there for recovering a deployed game?

    My motherboard got fried and I've lost all my projects. All I've got are the deployed versions on Mediafire. I think I remember the encryption key to one of them. I saw in another thread that Archeia is the only one who can decrypt a game. Are there other options?

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