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  • Hi everyone!~ I'm new here and a bit lost : ) Just started using RPG maker VX ace and I completely fell in love with it. The possibilities... : ) Came here for tutorials and feedback when I do something more or less worth a glimpse and hope to find some like minded friends here as well. So...for now just saying "hi" and feel free to drop me a line : )
    thanks : ) well, I usually don't hang out in forums much, so don't really know the etiquette :D but thanks for the idea, will do that.
    The "Introductions" subforum is near the bottom of the list.
    The Dragon God
    The Dragon God
    Welcoming to our Community, seeing as you want to be my friend, feel free to ask me questions. I use Rpg Maker 3 and Rpg Maker VX Ace.
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TFW: You get a text from someone and a long conversation--but you have no idea who this person is and don't wanna be that guy that asks "Who is this by the way?" I have no clue who this person is... but they seem to know me quite well. :rswt
You know, after all these years of using RM I've never played To The Moon. With being busy with life and then after my mom died I was too emotionally fragile to play something that heavy. Has anyone played the Switch version? Is there any big differences between that and the RM version?
Today I finished my Lets Play. Gonna have the videos scheduled for daily uploads now. Woo I finished something ^^
*tries to study Emergence of Bangladesh: Ancient Bengal* Matsyanyayam- When the law of punishment is kept in abeyance... okay what? *searches dictionary* oh! Ok. In abeyance, it gives rise to such disorders as is implied in the proverb of fishes i.e the larger fish swallows a small one- wait fishes eat each other!? Is that like... fishy cannibalism!?...Oh! It's 8:30! Time for dinner! *throws book on floor*
Babbaditch Finster and the Seven-Sided Cube has got to be one of my favorite classic games that didn't exist when I was kid, or ever

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