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  1. Check how many events do x y coordinate

    thanks everyone
  2. Check how many events do x y coordinate

    There are times when many events exist at the same time at the same location, how to check how many events at coordinate x y?
  3. Trigger Action button

    but when I use my mouse to trigger it, if the event is right in front of the character, it doesn't trigger but runs straight into
  4. Trigger Action button

    As far as I know to fire an event with an action button, that event must be set the same as character, is there a way to put it below the character and it still fires the action button?
  5. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    Thank you very much, love you
  6. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    I changed it back like this and turn on the switch 25 Game_Player.prototype.checkEventTriggerHere = function(triggers) { if (this.canStartLocalEvents()&&!$gameSwitches.value(25)) { this.startMapEvent(this.x, this.y, triggers, false); } }...
  7. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    Thank you, I tried changing the file rpg_objects but it didn't work
  8. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    I know that way, but it means change all event condition
  9. RMMV Temporarily disable event

    I want to temporarily disable event triggering, is there a way to do that? For example the character turns into a ghost, goes everywhere but doesn't event triggering
  10. Change the screen resolution, but not the graphics

    I just want the screen to show less tiles but it doesn't affect the battle screen, i figured out how, thank you
  11. Change the screen resolution, but not the graphics

    It changes the graphics, I mean just makes the screen display less tiles, everything is bigger
  12. Change the screen resolution, but not the graphics

    Is there a way to make the screen display less tiles without changing the graphics?
  13. RMMV Make state lifesteal

    It works, thank you
  14. RMMV Make state lifesteal

    I use plugin Buffs & States Core. I must make state lifesteal . I tried creating state like this but it doesn't work <Custom Conclude Effect> a.hp+=value*0.2 </Custom Conclude Effect>
  15. Find actor id last position in party

    Is there any script command to get the actor id at the last place in the party?

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