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  • Put down your chainsaw and listen to me
    It's time for us to join in the fight
    It's time to let your babies grow up to be cowboys
    It's time to let the bedbugs bite
    People look down on databasing but I just got done making 300 entries for helmets and I am mentally exhausted. Still, this is the only way to have "random drops" without a script.

    Goodnight all.
    Akashic Soldier
    Hahaha, yeah that is exactly it. I have almost finished "head" gear. I still have weapons, shields, body, arms, and feet to go. So i am only one fifth done, but I will get there.

    I've just found that a lot of folks do not consider you driven or motivated unless you are a scripter yourself. Like, logging the time on databasing doesn't seem to mean a lot to folks. And I understand that any idiot can do it, but it still eats a lot of time and mental energy.
    Are you kidding? It's a huge part of game balance. Especially weapons and armor! So your character stats and monsters are balanced nicely. So what? Does he still take damage when fully armoured? Can he one-hit kill everything after finding that good weapon in the cave? That stuff is hard work! It's harder work than my only public script, seriously.
    Akashic Soldier
    Thank you so much. You have no idea how much math and calculation I have had to do. lol
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I use this image as a joke with my students. If you are creating a horror game, this would be the perfect, subtle hint to the player that here there be Vampires!
So I managed to scare my chief. Between shifts I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, so prior to it I'd told him "If I ain't coming today, they've kept me there.". Then as I was asleep, my phone died. So I overslept and through the entire time I was unreachable.
I spent so much time toiling in VX Ace frankensteining scripts together only for MV to come along and just... have everything.

The overworld tool system in particular I thought was gonna take me a million years to recreate, but nope. Thanks Moghunter.
Going to go live way earlier than usual tonight, pretty much in 20 minutes, purely because I'm bored. :LZSlol:

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