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  • Working on Code and Effects for [Elements Destiny] (GER). Aaand super special exciting: Recording of voiced Dialogues started recently!
    I ~really~ hate this low Animation Framerate in Ace (15FPS, 30 like in RPG2000 could have been nice). I know, you can change it by setting a single Value (ani_rate), but that's globally and Animations still have to be edited in Database with 15FPS Preview.
    GlueIt improved my Speed of creating Effects, but Problems are not fully solved. Somebody knows a batch processing (PNG) Images into Halfs Cutter Tool? Let me know, seems hard to find. ^-^☆
    I'll see what I can find. ;)
    Have seen that before and thought it could be perfect, but as an Online Tool, it should accept batch by uploading Archives which is not the case (maybe to avoid Flooding), because there are many (and by this I really mean many many many) Pictures on Hard Drive that must be splitted. °ヘ°
    Just over 500 Animations left to make for new Game, yeay. ^-^°
    That's a nice amount ._.'

    I'm horrible at animations. Don't get where people muster up the will to make them.
    And worst fact of this: I'm not kidding. óo

    Good thing most of it can be done fast and there is very much time left.
    Julien Brightside
    Julien Brightside
    Don't burn yourself out.
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Meet my new mascot. He's also a mimic! No prizes for guessing this guy's name, though, haha
I put out a new pack and I swear, I did not realize how it looks like the ones on the right are scared/nervous of the one on the left until way after o_O I just wanted to showcase some of them randomly xD
Well, if anyone has a funny, simple, easy RM game they want me to playtest/review, I would love it.
Someone close to me straight up told me they didn't think my relationship with my girlfriend would last. No lead up, very bluntly. Like it's obvious or something. Trying not to let it get to my head, but it's hard.
The distraction would be a life saver.

My first foray into a plugin that I plan to release. Working on something for those who want to set up a Dragon Quest style battle HUD with minimal fuss. Includes the ability to round the battleback corners to fit your windowskin and, of course, front-view animations.

Do you ever wonder where the heck everyone is going at 9:00 at night? Like... guys, go home! Get some sleep! Me? Oh, I'm out to get pizza 'cause I decided supper time was 9:30 tonight.

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