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    Celianna's Tileset

    Cool! I have to PM you before my game released
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    Currently working on final demo.

    Currently working on final demo.
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    Sorry X3 I'm new here..

    Sorry X3 I'm new here..
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    Realistic Rain

    Wait.. I can't find any "Erase Event". Help!
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    Luna's Tiles

    Is it need to pay for using for commercial or just ask for permission? Currently I'm working on hard modification for my game for Demo 2
  6. Akiyama Midori >> My currently Game Demo! (Final Legacy - Demo 1) >> My currently Game Demo! (Final Legacy - Demo 1)
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    RTP Edit: Realistic World Map Tiles

    Oh God! How beautiful!! After apply this to my in progress game (For the Demo 2) all are mess up! But I fix them all and now, it's looks better and less square. This is what I wanted! -REMOVED-

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>Testing with fonts change.
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>Tries changing the plugin commands. Doesn't work.
>Tries installing another plugin. Doesn't work.
>Changes a few more plugin commands. Doesn't work.
>Goes directly to the gamefont file and changes the src. Works.


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