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    So I was kinda recommended a manga to learn a few drawing tips, I dunno if it will actually work, but I'm liking the story lol
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    This pig girl is a merchant and playable character. Currently there's no name for her yet. a suggestion is welcomed.
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    wh- wow... your style is absolutely stunning-
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    Is it just me, or does that look like that one flaming skull enemy from dnd?
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    Alador replied to the thread Monster Species Design/Brainstorm.
    @duty... woah... not at all what I had in mind for this game whatsoever, but... dang that is a really, really good idea-
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    Alador reacted to orochi2k's status with Wow Wow.
    GetAsyncKeyState didn't work as intended. So, I have to update the states every frame. I guess... I debugged all the way from script to...
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    Alador updated their status.
    Happy egg day everyone! Today I had Peeps again... my goodness they're just pure, straight, s ug a r -bleugh-
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    Alador reacted to ImaginaryVillain's status with Love Love.
    Going through and remaking maps to match the new style... Turns out I got access to far higher quality assets as well for the TV. So...
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    Alador replied to the thread Battle System in a Puzzle Game.
    @Parallax Panda, yes, those are some of the problems I've been running into-
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    I half wanna move to arizona to be free of the hassle of daylight savings time... oh and yes i am a time traveler thank you for asking-
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    Alador commented on Cythera's profile post.
    Curse daylight savings time. My computer thinks it's four when it's actually five so whenever I send a message it goes "message sent...
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    (wow I just typed pi in caps lock like I would when typing Math.PI for javascript I'm such a geek) Maybe I brought this living nightmare...
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    Alador reacted to ATT_Turan's comment on ATT_Turan's profile post with Haha Haha.
    I dunno...I feel like what you've received might be an appropriate reward for that kind of knowledge :wink::stickytongue:
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    Alador commented on ATT_Turan's profile post.
    Fun fact: one of the characters in my game is actually a manifestation/personification of PI, so ig today is their birthday! :D

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The legendary Moghunter has apparently deleted his site and YouTube account. The RPGMaker community suffers a heavy loss today, and I'll miss him terribly. I'll miss him terribly, and he's my favourite plugin developer since MZ.

I got tired of pixels, so today I decited to paint Goku. :D
First time making a modern day style character in pixel art. This will be fun.
Signed a lease on a new place today. Back into town, closer to shops, family and takeaway - none of those could be a good thing! 10 days to moving date.

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