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    Point And Click Adventure Game in Google Slides

    This is AMAZING! I wish I was this good with Google Slides...
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    SERVICE Music

    Hey everyone, if you need a music artist for any of your games, send me a DM and I'll see what I can do! Samples:
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    [SOLVED] Arrays?

    That is exactly what I needed, thanks so much!
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    [SOLVED] Arrays?

    Thank you so much! This is super helpful. EDIT: Sorry for asking so many questions, but is there a way to see if a static value is equivalent to any of the values in the array?
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    [SOLVED] Arrays?

    Thanks so much, this is really helpful! But, is there a way to add a value to the array, like, there is already data in the array and you just add another value to it?
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    [SOLVED] Arrays?

    Hey everyone, do you know how you would make an array in rpg maker MV? Thanks!
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    Game Jam?

    Ok, that's great news, I'll try and see if I can reach out to them!
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    Game Jam?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if I could host a game jam on the RPG maker site, similar to how the no travel one worked. If this isn't a possibility then that's fine! I'm already hosting the jam on Even though I'm hosting on, though, I would also like to possibly host one here...
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    Help with death animation

    No problem!
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    Help with death animation

    Import your animation video into your project's movies folder. Then, in an event, use the show movie command and select your animation clip from the list.
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    Help with death animation

    Ok, so if you're going the animation route, you need some sort of animation software. Then, you need to save the animation as two video files, an mp4 and another one I can't remember, and you need to make it a specific size (i.e. 500x 500) but I can't remember the size you need.
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    Help with death animation

    There are two ways I would go about this. One, I would use an event to move the player and the sprite that is doing the killing using movement routes and such, or I would animate a video of that and pop it into my game using the movie function. If you're not particularly skilled at animating, I...
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    I'm looking over at Forge Forums over here, and I am SUPER glad that this community is so...

    I'm looking over at Forge Forums over here, and I am SUPER glad that this community is so friendly! :LZSsmile:
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    Has anything similar to Galv's Menu Engine been made for MV?

    Have you tried Yanfly's Main Menu Manager Plugin?

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