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    Alastor01 Rendered RTP-like Tiles

    You are welcome, glad you got it working!
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    RM2k/3 Chromagia [Demo]

    Wow, did you do all the graphics yourself as well? This is quite impressive project ;)
  3. Alastor01

    Making Personality Traits Elementals

    Have you watched Full Metal Alchemist? ;) You can use 7 deadly sins. With or without corresponding virtues, you don’t really need them for balance. Assign each different to every character, corresponding to personality. Deadly sin is not necessary a bad thing. For example, a proud character...
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    Final Boss Design Discussion

    I am gonna talk regarding general game boss concepts, not specifically in turn-based RPG terms. I liked Chrono Trigger final boss, with multiple parts and transformation. AOE attacks, elements, status buffs / debuffs. The HP pool was manageable, not too little not too much. The attacks were...
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    Transformations - How to make them work?

    I like the concept of transformation in Anime and games. Dark Souls would be too easy with transformations I think. Devil May Cry does it well I think - it’s hard without Devil Trigger, which can restore your health, as restoring supplies are quite rare. You also get special abilities along...
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    RMXP Tamer: Emptiness

    This looks very very impressive! In everything
  7. Alastor01

    RMMV Ateres Revival

    Nice mapping! Like your weapon upgrade menu, as well as those sleek animated wardrobe doors ;)
  8. Alastor01


    @Kemsyn Wow, that's very interesting! Thanks for amazing idea :D Good to see you are back and ready for more progress!
  9. Alastor01

    Pegasus-5: Gone Astray

    Another quality game from you! :D Like your sci-fi stuff. Great visuals, mechanics and story!
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    RMMV Journey to the East v.2.01 (Full Game Released!)

    From description, screen-shots and trailer - this looks like an amazing RPG!
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    Shadows and Lies

    I like your skills concept. Maybe I just haven't played much RPGs (and most are action RPGs), but this seems new to me. Really makes it much more entertaining that if you have lots of MP to spare, things are taken care of automatically. Why waste 3 turns when you can do everything in one for...
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    RMMV Moiety: Rise of an Archon

    Wow, the screen-shots are beautiful! Great art
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    RMMV Dragon's Hope (Chapter 1 released!)

    Your maps are top notch! These tiles, overlays, animations and mapping add lots of liveliness :) And sounds
  14. Alastor01

    RMMV Luna Sanctus [RPG/Fantasy/Strategy] (Demo Available)

    Wow, simply wow! You literally built most systems from ground up! This is very impressive. A game where you can brag that a lot of logic belongs to you ;)
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    Love Ritual [otome]

    Very nice graphics, keep it up!

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