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    Talk To Follower

    that remid me lot disgaea , that is really clever idea for add the extras lore or just few fun and puns
  2. albert-youkai

    NPC Dialogue Shop

    my wonder if works with yanfly shop core?
  3. albert-youkai

    VE - Command Replace

    great plugin... but i thinks you need add compatibility with yanfly plugin.
  4. albert-youkai

    Elemental Temples- UPDATED 12/31 (Time Temple)

    i guess him is busy or like
  5. albert-youkai

    in deplow a game , wacky souls u wu

    in deplow a game , wacky souls u wu
  6. albert-youkai

    World Map Plugin 2.00b

    will be really usefull for make a warp map in style mario and luigi rpg 1
  7. albert-youkai

    Map Generator

    a big shame, but undestandestable
  8. albert-youkai

    Kuhaku's MV Resources

    if can say , i not see much difference from the standard tiles
  9. albert-youkai

    Overworld Train Tracks

    it's s ides make also trasparent ground version in case use the tracks in the sky or onto the water
  10. albert-youkai

    albertyoukay coustom sorce

    i have almost done the hurge tiles set (almost 30 part ) for workshop it's will posted maybe alfter the half year beside , for next tile i can post here i will you choise (tell me in private) with 1. more inbody tiles (like gunt , nerves, eyes ect.) 2. underwater town tiles (B and C)...
  11. albert-youkai

    Elemental Temples- UPDATED 12/31 (Time Temple)

    maybe , is just me , can be a idea add a underwater temple
  12. albert-youkai

    albertyoukay coustom sorce

    quick update i finaly back, but next tiles for rpg maker mv , i will post on the steam workshop\deviantart 20 files about made in co-works with few guy's on discord i can't show nothing for now but for who loves retro style "mario & luigi super star saga" or "mhoter 3" will be gold stuff i...
  13. albert-youkai

    ManicMars Made Resources

    remind me somehow space funeral sprite those works. maybe for color blinds colors. btw looks great
  14. albert-youkai

    Custom Game Over behavior

    that will be good for make a dark souls like gameover (die = lost all money)

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