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  1. Sprited SV_Enemies

    No, a purple snake tail. Like the bottom right lamia on the hiddennone walking sprite sheet. Though if still know how to do this, could you please point me to a tutorial. I was just wondering if that was in production. I was going to open up Krita and edit it myself if he wasn't not already...
  2. Sprited SV_Enemies

    I love the work that you've been doing here! These look great! I hate to be that guy, but did you happen to be working on a purple version of the naga? I'm not quite requesting, I was just wondering.
  3. Random Stat Gains-based Progression System

    Wow. A Fire Emblem-esque stat growth system? This is amazing! I'm definitely watching this plugin and wish you the best!
  4. Kid and Adult Parts

    Where are the icons for the generator? How do you use these things?
  5. Wrench Weapon Sprite

    Wow, I actually checked there and missed it. Me being blind aside, thank you!
  6. Wrench Weapon Sprite

    MV, though I'm sure one for Ace could be converted. And I just need a SV Battle image as the default icon for a wrench suits my needs.
  7. Wrench Weapon Sprite

    Does anyone have a Wrench sprite? I have a machinist class in my game and I'd like a weapon to fit the class. Something like this: Though, I'll take anything that people will recognize as a wrench.
  8. Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    That's a bit disappointing. But, it's fine, I don't need a flag right away. Still, great work!
  9. Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    Do you have a blank template for the flags? I want to maybe make my own.

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