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  • Just wanted to share how my game won 1st place in a game jam for Everyone else used Unreal, Unity, GMS2, Godot, etc but I used RPG Maker 2003 :guffaw: It just shows that you can create a good game and it doesn't matter which engine you use
    Check out my review of Karma Flow, a stealth action based game made in RM2k3! Hope you enjoy my humor :kaojoy:
    I scrapped my old CBS and made an ABS. I programmed a pixel based hitbox for accuracy so it plays smoother than any other RM2k3 ABS.
    Showcasing the complexity of my object interaction system and some adult humor. These skills will be used for puzzles similar to Golden Sun
    I almost never use the built-in vehicles in RM2k3 but I figured out a clever use for it with a levitation skill for dungeon puzzles. This is a proof of concept puzzle I made to test it
    @Hyouryuu-Na Thank you! Yup, it's RPG Maker 2003. I programmed all of the systems using event scripts. I don't recommend anyone doing this since it's much easier to make on a modern engine :kaoswt2:
    The interface menu stuff are evented? Wow! I wish I had the patience for things like this XD This is nice though. Everyone's way too dependent on plugins/scripts nowadays. "I have this proble-" "Use this plugin!" "But what about-" "Plugin!" XD Eventing systems let us practice our eventing skills more if it's something possible to event.
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    @Hyouryuu-Na Agreed! It's nice to use plugins for a casual developer but creating your own systems will help you learn skills like mind mapping and good coding practices.
    I checked your profile and saw a few of your evented tutorials. I'm glad you actually mean what you say :kaojoy:
    My custom battle system so far. Inspired by Megaman Battle Network
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The light has gone out of my life.

About time they finally press the kill switch button for older makers.
Sorry everyone, I am here sporadically. After 6 years of delays after delays in my life, I try to do all mat once and that means that I spread thin everywhere because it just is impossible to crunch 6 years in one or even two, but I try! I wish many of that I would already given you and put behind but... well...
I'm looking for an experienced gamer who has played a few games created with RPG Maker, who knows what an alpha build is, who may remember the old days when cliché was the favorite word on Creation Asylum, who, if a reviewer, would ask for my permission before making a review to post on YouTube, or whatever, since I will be messaging you a 10 minute, or so, DEMO based on an alpha build of Effervesce Fallacy™.
No matter how many times I listen to him, I know this is Joker speaking, but my brain can only hear Dagda.

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