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    How do I make a killing machine?

    Yes you read the correctly! I want to make a killing machine in RPG Maker VX Ace as part of one of the death rooms that the player can walk into but I do not know how to make it work. What I want to do is make the event go once the conversation has ended this means I want the bolders to move in...
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    RPG Maker VX ace Trading more then one item!

    Sorry Kes It has been a while :rswt
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    RPG Maker VX ace Trading more then one item!

    Hello, I am Aleister. I am working on a game for 2 furry YouTubers. In the game, they is a shop keeper or trader selling stuff but the player can also select specil offer. Doing this 3 choices come up and the player can choose what they want to buy using a certain item. In this case chocolates...
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    Hello I am new here I have just started joining RPG maker today. I messed around with the program even looked at the basics on YouTube. I cam up with a comical RPG game with some language and fighty fighty parts. Along with furries dragons Poloticens and npc's treating you like dirt. I got the...

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I'm having a fun time working with the MZ RTP. The waterfall hasn't changed, though, so I'm wondering if they didn't make a new one or if they forgot to put it in...

good progress on the typescript Definitions files almost done all the Manager and yet I still have to do the Battle Manager...who is seriously so much data lol
Are the export options for MZ known yet?
I thought they were supposed to be my friends T_T
Anyone else ever feel bad about always needing to ask for help on their game..?

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