I have been using the RPG Makers since 2007, but before 2010 it was really just me messing around, learning the engine or recreating some special moments of other video games I loved through another lense. Around 2010 is when I started my very first game. It took me a year to write out the storyboard and then I started to really "make" the game in 2011, where I also did my own spriting for the game. I took a break in 2012 because of very personal reasons but I am back now to finish my game!

Some of the engines I have used:

  • RPG Maker 2003 (what I started with; quit it when I found out its release wasn't legal. Now I proudly own it on Steam! My favorite engine!)
  • RPG Maker XP (what my game is made in)
  • RPG Maker VX ACE (used the VX trial before and VX Lite on Steam, now own ACE.)
  • RPG Maker 2000

Lastly, I have difficulty understanding people sometimes, so I might ask you what you mean. I will try my hardest to make that scarce but sometimes I must ask or I will continue on thinking you mean one thing when you mean the other.


If there is anything you'd like to ask, feel free to PM me or something! :)






TEAM: 3 2 1 (just myself now; team has moved on or left the game making scene due to life issues)


Info: Been working on this game for nearly a decade. So many things have gotten in the way of its creation, personal or not (such as team quitting) but I am determined to make it, or at least release the demo I have nearly completed. I have a story completely written out, so perhaps it will be easier than I think.
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*NEWS: RM 2003 and XP are usable after just installing Wine1.7 in Ubuntu 14.04+Later! EVERYTHING works, even sound + sound testing!*


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