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    [Altmenu 3] Am I missing something?

    From any other discussions I see, they have bust menu using Alt menu screen 3, but mine is still vertical view with the head pic of the characters like the default menu. I want to use custom background therefore I must use Alt menu screen 3, but I also want it to be bust view, am I missing...
  2. Alice's hat trick

    Fix with SumRndmDde's BustIcon menu script

    I think I found out the problem, it's about the size of the image I used. After knowing that it worked for you, I used the bust in the RPG Maker package (500x450) and it showed up normally. I think my image must be to small or something. Anything thankyou very much for helping me, if it weren't...
  3. Alice's hat trick

    Fix with SumRndmDde's BustIcon menu script

    No it doesn't and yes I did.
  4. Alice's hat trick

    Fix with SumRndmDde's BustIcon menu script

    I have been using SumRndmDde's BustIcon menu plugin, I did everything it said in the tutorial video but there is a problem about the bust image not loading in the menu. I double checked for spelling mistakes and tried this plugin in a new project, but still no luck. The creator hasn't been...
  5. Alice's hat trick

    About Tall sprites

    Ohhhhh thank you very much! I totally forgot about those !$ thingys :kaoluv:
  6. Alice's hat trick

    About Tall sprites

    I was using the tall sprites templates in this resource thread: but the sheet doesn't seem to fit in the box, do I need a plugin for this? Or am I doing something wrong?
  7. Alice's hat trick

    Using 立ち絵 in chat windows

    I would like to ask if there is a plugin that changes the character heads in the chat window into standalone pictures? (I don't know how to say it in English but it's called 立ち絵 in Japanese) It's like those you see in visual novels. Here's a picture of what I mean: I know I could accomplish...
  8. Alice's hat trick

    RPG Maker MV 1.5.1 and MADO!

    how do I update gamefont.css?
  9. Alice's hat trick

    RMMV Legend of the Hatman

    You guys can only open the locker with the locker key when Remmy is in the party!
  10. Alice's hat trick

    Face size of a character

    Oh yeah! I never thought of dividing the entire picture by 4 lmao so I guess it's 144x144 then!
  11. Alice's hat trick

    Face size of a character

    I am drawing a head to be used as the face image of a character, I can't quite figure out the exact pixel size of the face to be able to fit in the face set And by face set I mean these:
  12. Alice's hat trick

    RMMV Legend of the Hatman

    This is probably the funniest game I have ever played in my life. Especially when I was held captive by Gene Simmons, I cracked myself up over and over!
  13. Alice's hat trick

    How to make combat ?

    Well you can edit the images of the animation in the game folder , like reflecting it or something, then add a new animation slot in the animation tab using that image. (P.S. You're posting this in the wrong section)
  14. Alice's hat trick

    Plot and Character Feedback

    I'm totally following you for that game!:kaojoy:
  15. Alice's hat trick

    Am I allowed to use FES assets in MV?

    As long as it's details are different from the original, you'll be okay. I mean when people see your characters, they would think they looked like those of that game, but don't let them have the feeling that you totally took them from that game and changed little only. If you know what I...

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