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    Describe what your first game was like.

    My first game was Project Rachel, made with the VX Ace engine. It was a fantasy/sci-fi hybrid, similar to my other recently abandoned game, Project Elemental. It has similar characters and themes. I've been starting and restarting the project ever since that first iteration.
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    Escape from the City

    Interesting idea.
  3. aliensalmon

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Hmm...that's a good point about the edges (even though it looks pretty.) I guess the map is kinda large, I agree.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    I'm still learning how to create maps, but I'll show off this indoor map for criticism.
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    How to Write a Good Game Thread (and synopsis)

    Hmm...I'll try to keep this in mind. Thanks for the advice!
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    How much advertising is too much?

    That sounds reasonable, Makio-Kuta, I guess I'll do that...although I probably committed one of your "sins" by putting a pity-post in my project thread....
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    How much advertising is too much?

    I'm starting to get tempted advertising my (mostly) non-commercial game that I posted in "Early Project Feedback" more (due to the lack of interest), but at the same time I don't want to be too "pushy" about something people might not like in the first place. So, my question for you is...should...
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    Project Elemental MV (v1)

    Why does everything I create suck so hard? There must be a problem I'm not seeing....
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    To Light: Ex Umbra (Update: 3/29 DEMO ADDED!)

    I like the screenshots and artwork!
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    What things make an RPG Maker game stand out to you?

    I'll have to admit that for a game to stand out for me, it should have one of the following: Attractive characters Interesting premise/synopsis Nice Screenshots Nice artwork
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    So my battle system is weird

    Add the skill type to the actor or class.
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    What do you think of games with a spiritual figure/deity as the antagonist?

    It seems to be a common theme in Japanese RPGs to have a spiritual figure or deity as an antagonist. I dunno, I think there is some guilty pleasure in defeating a deity in a video game (maybe its the sense you defeated a powerful figure that people have worshipped.) I'm toying with putting the...
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    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Ah great work. Thank you for these. I'll use 'em in my game and credit you properly.
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    Project Elemental MV (v1)

    I made some updates since my last post: -Added new feautres such as a cooking system and slippery tiles -Added more places to the game world Screenshots:
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    What do you think about references to drugs in games?

    Ah, I get what you're saying. I guess I should diversify my jokes in this new game.

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