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    Too many events for self switch toggles...

    It looks like you have the got the page logic upside down. For quick try, just try switch the page order to opposite. If that works at least somewhat, then it's time to fime tune the page order.
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    actor faces the wrong way

    You said he turns right, not left. In your original post you said you were trying to make him move left, then turn left (which would have him facing downwards). In your code you use "turn 90 degrees right" which, well, turns him to face upwards. Either use turns 90 degrees left, or make it that...
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    Requesting ideas for using RPG Maker in a freezed PC

    And even if it's Ace, not MV, things like eventing and mapping work essentially the same if not going to purely scripting level.
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    Exp/Gold charge.

    Variables are just variables and as long as you don't use them to anything else it doesn't matter what values they have in them. When players leave and you make the gold adjustment to their inventory, you don't need to "reset" the variable, you can just leave it to have whatever value it has...
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    Setting Actor HP?

    To clarify what you want to do. In case the MHP goes up or down, you want the actors to keep the same HP rate they had? So if actor has 70% health left, and their MHP changes, you still want them to have 70% left? There is, by the way, command for .hprate() which returns the HP/MHP . Other than...
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    I'm not sure if the syntax you show here is exactly what you have in the game but have you tried to keep the condition on one line? If that alone doesnt help, maybe try encasing the condition in parentheses. I'm not sure how Yanfly parses the script in the notetags but by the examples on the...
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    Database space size

    I'm not exactly sure if this is the right forum, but it seemed closest one. When creating game (with MV) I can increase the database size for various things to suit my needs. To keep some semblance of order, and knowing I can't plan it well ahead, I'd like to space things well apart so certain...
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    What are these useful for?

    Since the movement route can be also set for a static event as custom move route (in the movement more, not as event command) for such as shiny spot on a water I've got nice results in giving the "custom move route" and some blend for things like shiny sparkle that heals players. Might also work...
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    I need to put the background instead of the tileset

    As much as I have followed the parallax conversation, putting ! in front of the file name makes it lock on place automatically. Also need to make sure the picture is exactly the same size as the game map, ie game map tile sizex48 on both sides.
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    Region restriction n region common event

    Ah yes, it indeed is terminology thing here. Think about it this way, outside the game means all the things you can do before hand. Like drawing map, you do that outside the game, or should we say, before the game. You can also change region IDs manually outside the game this way, just go to the...
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    Region restriction n region common event

    I think Shaz meant, there exists a script call to change the tileset ID because that is an event option already in the RPG Maker. It has to exists for that purpose. The Script calls don't just hang around out of thin air, someone has to have coded it. They have coded that one because it's needed...
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    Region restriction n region common event

    Changing tileset is not done on per tile basis. Thus it doesn't need to go as deep as accessing each tile separately. Basically it draws the exactly same map, using same map data, just pulling the graphics from different file. It doesn't edit the single tiles at all so it's rather different...
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    Region restriction n region common event

    I think he is asking, can we change specific coordinate's/tile's game region number through eventing, either by the maker already, existing script commands, or with plugin. Many plugins use the region ID's for various purposes, and in some of those cases being able to redefine them in the fly...
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    Dual Wielding and Two handed

    The obvious answer would be to set the dualwielding trait to the weapon, but I guess you want the dualwielding of swords be only possible for one person. If you make all of your bows to seal the shield slot, will that be overridden by the character dualwield trait?
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    Fog Fade In / Out and other questions

    2. The only one I know.

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