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  1. Your favorite (discontinued) game?

    I miss old Harry Potter games. I loved them with all love real fan can have. It had good graphics for that time, but now it seems to be out of modern games level. Would it be the thing which made my childhood brighter and nothing more? Or, maybe, there will be a remake? They say hope springs...
  2. Did you get driver's license?

    No, I don't have one. And even not going to have. I can call myself a hurricane-person, who always throws things off the tables and breaks them when walking, so if I ride it may be very dangerous. That is my position and I won't wonder if somebody else doesn't have a driver's license. C'mon...
  3. Can the games industry ban just full game walkthrough Youtube videos?

    As for me, walkthrough is the way to make money too. I usually choose games after watching some minutes of walkthrough. I don't want to buy a pig in a poke. Don't know if I would buy smth without knowing the game is ok and I like it. We can't see the statistics, so we don't know who doesn't buy...

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Degica Games Turn Komodo | RPG Maker News #77

Well, rats. Was really looking forward to trying out FPS Creator, but trying to install and set it up was pretty much impossible for my tiny brain to comprehend. So much for that, then.
Ah, home once more! I think I can safely work on my games now.

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