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    none of the SE in my game are working

    @caethyril yeah my volume got rest for some reason thank you
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    none of the SE in my game are working

    none of the sound effects in my game are working, the background music plays but no sound effects, I don't know what you need to check out but I can provide any screen shots you need
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    RMMZ Is there a day and night plugin that work like this?

    Hi guys it's me again I need a plugin that is controlled by variables that can show a picture when a variable is reached and then transport the character to another map the reason I want a plugin is because there are a lot of days and I don't want a lot of parallel events but if that's the only...
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    RPG Maker MZ 1.5.0 Patch Notes

    is anyone having a crashing issue now that's updated? i don't know if its the program or my computer, it's crashed on me twice now
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    Hospital Tileset

    @Pearl484 thank you for your help
  6. alltheyuriz

    Walking version of this hair

    That's okay thank you @Pearl484
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    How would I make the player and an event move at the same time while the scene still waits for it to compete

    Hi guys it's me again and I have a question. I want to make a cutscene where a player and an event move at the same time and I want the scene to pause while it happens like there is dialog that comes when they get to a certain point if you could help that would be nice and once again thank you...
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    Hospital Tileset

    @Pearl484 thanks and the problem is I don't have VX and most of them require a VX license to use them
  9. alltheyuriz

    Walking version of this hair

    @Pearl484 yea that would be great just flipped to match the character base
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    Hospital Tileset

    Hi guys it me again and I was wondering if anyone knew of any hospital tilesets for Rpg maker MZ/MV. I don't mind paid or free but I need machines in it for examining people in. If anyone could help me that would be nice. Thank you for reading and have a nice day
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    Walking version of this hair

    Yes it would
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    RMMZ Kikyou's Magical Adventure (A small snippet)

    @Renicon i will and thank you for letting me know about these bugs

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