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    Quick swap shields? - Galv's quick weapon swap

    Hey Does anyone know how this could be repurposed to quick swap through shields? Preferably to work alongside its current purpose of swapping weapons as well. Thanks
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    I assume that's just the "move upper left" command in the move route edit: oop someone else already answered. my bad
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    Linear vs Open RPGs as an Indie

    I used lots of condition branches and switches on my open world RPG. In an open world rpg, you can't necessarily predict the exact route the player will take. Its also vital to give the player direction early on, give them a basic idea of where to go and what their purpose is. but you should...
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    RMVXA Afterfall - Action adventure zelda-like

    Actually forgot about this thread haha. I've updated it and given it a link to the download. Also is it possible for a moderator to move this to "completed games"?
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    Your Next Adventure Awaits: RPG Maker MZ Trailer #1

    Are we really still using chibi sprites? Bring back XP or mack styled sprites...
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    How to change jump speed?

    Think I tried this and had various weird results
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    How to change jump speed?

    Well I figured it out eventually. If anyone else wants to do anything similar to this replace the "update while jumping" section in Game_CharacterBase with this #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update While Jumping...
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    How to change jump speed?

    I've been trying to get this to work depending on a condition switch. but I can't get that to work. Sorry, but do you know how i can set this up in the script? xd Heres what I currently have... #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update While...
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    How to change jump speed?

    In my game my character just did the cha cha slide back and fro before finally sliding to the place he would have landed if he had jumped. Very odd behaviour lol. Thanks though, I'll keep playing around with that line of code. Edit: @jump_count -= 0.5 is the sweet spot. Works perfect. Thanks...
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    How to change jump speed?

    Via move route currently.
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    How to change jump speed?

    Hi, I'm trying to get the jump speed to be slower. Context here is the player is in a low gravity environment and the fast and snappy default jump looks out of place. I'd like to slow it down so it looks like gravity is affecting the player. Does anyone know how this can be done?
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    [Snippet] Bigger Event Sizes

    I don't use any of Victors scripts, but I daresay after trying this script out on a blank project it is indeed a script I'm using that it causing the issue. Thank you for the help. I'll just have to sift through the scripts I'm using and find the culprit.
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    [Snippet] Bigger Event Sizes

    Its already below Materials and above Main, yes. What do you mean there are no event commands there? The only command that was included in the script is there. I assumed it works without having to interact with the event, but regardless in game i clicked on it and still no change. The collision...
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    [Snippet] Bigger Event Sizes

    Hey, this script doesn't seem to be working for me. Isn't this how the comment tag works?
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    Lune world map framerate/bug issue help

    I tried this code, and it does fix the issue of the icon and cursor appearing and the dispose crash. but the map doesn't render now, and it still lags without Theos fix, and Theos fix will bug out the cursor moving. :rswt Alright, sounds good! If you have discord you can reach me at: AllyJamy#6268

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