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  • It feels good to be back. I honestly don't remember anyone and I doubt anyone remembers me LOL
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    That day?? What is that dreaded day?

    I think I had an account before and I had WAY too many aliases to be remembered
    That day......I guess the best place to start is
    *3 Years Earlier.....*
    Oh no....I hate these kinds of things, I'm gonna go to the bathroom, come back and be lost about what time period this all happened in. It's easier just to forget about.......that day........
    Mine was still here. Then after my first post, suddenly all my posts got reset and the anti spam mode was activated on me. Come to think of it, could he be referring to that drama? Or that incident with the true fae? Gosh, I can't really remember either of them, to be honest.
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Hamburger!? Yeeah.
I love it when the approval queue is 80% spammers. Makes it so fast to power through!
I found some inspiration and have started work on a Point and Click style exploration game in a dead mall. I am hopefully going to push MZ in some unexpected directions. I always love seeing the engine do things that folks might not expect. Its good to have found some direction. Thanks for the support a few weeks back when the writers blog was hitting heavy.
Don't you want your heroes or monsters to lose some of their MAXHP or MAXMP? Don't you?
Really, why wouldn't you? :p
Yeah, it's gonna get worse after every hit they take, but so what?
Aren't they courageous fighters? Or stupidly brute mobsters?

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