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    LAG FIX!!

    Resolution most of the time makes the GPU work harder by placing more pixels into the scene and ultimately into the frame. It does cause lags if the GPU doesn't have enough resources to buffer frames. Since you're using a GPU accelerated html5 tech, you will experience more lag the higher the...
  2. altorn

    Suggestions for the actual app itself?

    regarding the resize-able window: since MV is written in Qt, it's not using the native functionality of the Windows class of Windows OS.
  3. altorn

    Why is my deployed game folder so much bigger than my game project folder?

    100+mb is a big project for a 10-minute game. i dont care about broadband speeds, but if i ever want to download a game via a website into my phone, 100mb is a lot if my mobile data is limited. there must be a way to strip this thing down. why does the game.exe have a huge footprint if we're...
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    Massive idea for a costum game with costum graphics but i need help please D:

    yeah you can make your own slime game, this sounds interesting to be honest. do your slimes have their own personalities? if so, i would suggest showing them getting hurt (closed eyes, furrowed "brows", frowned, etc). if your slimes only have the ability to think and act but not feel, then...
  5. altorn

    Game always crashes in combat

    check for common events or any event in the map that are autorun. also, when starting the game, press F8 to show the console. get into battle, crash, then check the console for errors and paste the full error (callstack) here.
  6. altorn

    BGM don't work in Mobile

    What phone are you using this on? Android? What version? iOS? What version?
  7. altorn

    What kind of plugins/scripts are you looking forward to?

    Particle system for rain and snow or whatever you want.
  8. altorn

    Version Control

    +1 Bitbucket, then I use atom's git+ plugin to make things even easier.
  9. altorn

    Resizing Battle Menu?

    Taking a guess here: Try either changing this Window_Base.prototype.lineHeight = function() { return 36;};Or this Window_Base.contents.fontSize = XX;
  10. altorn

    Is it possible to tilt battle sideways?

    this is totally doable with a plugin (modifications with the battle scene). you will also need to draw new poses of characters facing away from you.
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    Free MV Hosting for a few

    You can do fullscreen even on a webpage. I don't know how to do it with just pure RMMV events or keystrokes but there is a plugin that lets you enable fullscreen on a webpage. (similar to how the html5 youtube player lets you) I think it's Yanfly's fullscreen plugin.
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    Rewrite Engine

    Just a little off topic rant: Can people (not everyone, i just keep seeing this in the internet nowadays) start using THAN and THEN correctly? Also COMPATIBLE. Also DEFINITELY. That's it, sorry. Don't mind me.
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    [RMMV] Split source files for plugin development.

    Thank you for this I was getting intimidated by the 10k line codes. Idea: I'm a visual person and I would love to also see an overview of the classes (inheritance and all relations) in a class diagram. Perhaps I would at one point create one myself or if anyone out there is interested... ;)
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    Extending the Attributes - Logic

    Yes, i think this is possible with backend code. Of course the new custom stats will not be reflected in the RMMV editor but i'm sure it's totally doable via Javascript. Though what comes to mind is a big change to the system. A few things you will have to be careful about is maintaining: 1...

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