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    Making a Sequel

    One thing I do is everything @bgillisp said, essentially. A series of games I like to draw inspiration for when it comes to sequels is Golden Sun. That is just me, but I like that they featured new characters as well as old. Maybe playable characters differ to a degree and whatnot. It isn't...
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    Question about "Yanfly - Item Core" / Item characteristics

    Have you run a demo of your game and gone into the item menu to test this? If it seems all good, you might be in the clear. You'll know more when you playtest into your game for a while.
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    Quest board?

    Your best bet is using a plugin, obviously. Get one for the quest board itself and add the quests, if it comes with a quest menu option... great. To add more over time, use switches. You may have a lot of conditional branches or new pages in your quest board event, but it will make it look like...
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    Question about "Yanfly - Item Core" / Item characteristics

    I agree with Andar. Even Yanfly says in the linked thread that there isn't a way to remove those. You could look for another item-related script, maybe one is out there that you may find it more reasonable to suit what you want. You'll have to plug and play around to make sure it is compatible...
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    Setting a switch's value to another switch's value

    Could you give a little more context using why these switches work like this in your game? That might help us better understand. Because you could do a conditional to set two switches, but you could just use the same switch, too. Like if 1 is the same as 101, why not just use 1. That is why I...
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    Question regarding Yanfly Job Points

    Before I go looking, I'm guessing this is for RPG Maker MV? I looked it up but I am not a Patron, so I can't actually see the plugin itself. However, from the notes I can see, it doesn't look like there are settings. Meaning you may have to play with the json file and find the locational...
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    Yanfly ATB Plug-In Casting Time Question

    Unfortunately, I don't remember this script off the top of my head. (Or plugin). There may be an option to change that would allow this. Unsure if Yanfly did a video explaining this on their youtube channel. Mind linking the plugin/script?
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    Question regarding Yanfly Job Points

    Is there somewhere in the code that you can adjust x, y, and z coordinates? Like in the top part where Yanfly mentions changing anything? I haven't seen the code in a long time if I am being honest.
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    edited the attack skill's damage formula, now enemies only die to crits?

    But now the question is, do you know what script it was doing so? I was going to say, another workaround might be how you do the equation. You had "a.atk - b.def / 2" but you could try out something like "a.atk - (b.def / 2)"
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    Character naming!

    Develop her more. The more you know about your main character, not only the better, but things like a name will (or should) become more clear. I do it with mine and I'm a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons. Sure, I may pick a race and class first but the more I know about who I am trying to play...
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    Class changing

    What you could do is when players beat one of the versions, they get a code and are asked to write it down. Then in the second game, there is an NPC early on that asks for the code. Not all players will go right into the next because of time or personal reasons but the code would be used for a...
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    Class changing

    I just put something together and it didn't seem to do it for me in MV. MV also comes with the option of saving a level, so you could work that into a game if need be. Of course, I tested it with just an NPC upping the level by 5, spammed it to see the stat growth and then a change class from...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @Oddball What Xoferew said, the bottoms of the cliff edges don't match the rocky ground and sticks out. The other thing that sticks out right away is there is no depth here in the map. The cliff by the stairs could come down one more level and I see the tiles for the cliff aren't all correct...
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    Shop Stuff Availability

    Depends on what is being made, in my opinion. What Mushroom said is good, whereas you progress things get better. Some like just adding better items in newer shops throughout progression. Like the starting town has basic stuff versus the last town to be found having really good things for the...
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    Your 1st in game boss battle?

    You've got me thinking of all my past projects and what the first bosses were like. I'd have to say just a part of the story, better stats. I've since looked into a little more and I think that I still have them remain a big part of the story, and those higher stats, but challenging the player...

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