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  • What do you guys think about Survival mechanics in games (Hunger, thirst, etc.)?
    Do you find them to be an enjoyable obstacle or a bit of a nuisance?

    Asking for a friend... :stickytongue:
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    I love them in games that are tailored around that kind of management (7 days to die, Ark) but tend to despise them in traditional rpgs (AARPG like Fallout: New Vegas can kind of get away with it as long as they keep it simple, but it can feel like just needless extra bars to keep full in more traditional rpg systems). So in short, as pertains to rpgmaker games I think they are overall woefully overused.
    there's Pros & Cons with those mechanic. personally like it,but i choose Cons for some reason

    - you must eat along your journey,which it wasting your money to buy something & wasting your time just scavenging
    - the length between after you eat earlier & being hungry are variated (depending how you implement in your works,sometime too fast,sometime too long)
    This would be better suited to a thread in Game Mechanics Design (in fact there are probably a few in there already)
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