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    Gameplay vs graphics?

    Gameplay can only get you so far with poorly drawn graphics; likewise, pretty graphics can only get you so far with poorly designed / broken gameplay mechanics. Both need to be properly balanced. That said, I'll take a well designed and working game with entertaining mechanics over graphics...
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    Poll: Console Use

    Assuming this is being asked for the purpose of a new console RPG Maker, I haven't owned anything outside of last generation, since I mainly game on PC and Steam now. However, I'm all for a new console RM. That said, if this poll is for the purpose of a new console RM, may I ask what would be...
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    Sneak Peek: New Tileset + Season Pass DLC 4

    In fairness, terms of use can and have changed, albeit they typically only change going forward for people who don't already have a copy of the product. Sharm's comment is what made me wonder: So if Mack/Blue was a part of this, I just wanted to clarify the previous terms of the old set...
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    Sneak Peek: New Tileset + Season Pass DLC 4

    So I'm just trying to understand the FSM material. When FSM was up, they had provided the resources for free and their license allowed commercial and non-commercial use. If you still have those resources and a copy of that agreement, is that still okay to use; or is the previous terms now...
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    Why such short run times?

    As a primary video game player, I tend to avoid anything more than 15 to 20 hours, or at the very least put everything longer than that on low priority. I work full time, have a family, and a life outside of games, so it usually amounts to me having only about 10 to 15 hours a week for games...
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    are rpgs with only one Hero lame ?

    Maybe it's just me, but when I hear "one hero" I'm thinking of the clichéd games with one hero who leads the party. For me it depends. I prefer when all people have a stake in the outcome, versus the legendary hero who only helps the party to defeat the big bad evil, but as others have said, it...
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    Anyone else feel like RPG Maker should go back to the 3 layer setup?

    I find it a bit odd that this problem still persists, even with the fix for Ace. You'd think it would have been fixed by default, but at least there is still a fix.
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    RMVXA Black Cat's Story

    Enjoyable and funny. Combat was never too difficult or repetitive, but felt just right for a comedy rpg such as this. The only thing I'd recommend if you are still looking for future ideas: 1. 10 Levels seems to shallow. I was able to hit that about 3/4 into the game, making the rest of...
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    Is there a default MV campaign setting?

    Back in the days of VX (and perhaps more importantly the late site), there was a lot of community made games centered around VX, a mansion of sorts where the Admins lived or hung out, and various community members taking roles for the games that were made. Many of these did poke...
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    What is the gold standard?

    As a previous poster stated, there really is no solid answer that can be given. I'd love to tell you that with great effort comes great reward, but that's not always the case. It's going to depend on: 1. Who are you targeting? - If you trying to convince an action rpg junkie who places...
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    Is there a default MV campaign setting?

    Are you asking about open source sample games, similar to how the console RPG Makers did where they packaged in a sample game for the player to work with, learn from, and possibly edit? If so, sample games are not provided with the PC RM makers by default; however, these are often created by...
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    Final Fantasy is feared to be a dying franchise that has long passed it's peak to Square Enix...

    I can't argue with this. I think Final Fantasy XV gets so much distrust, paranoid freakouts, and negative attention not only because it follows in the footprints of Final Fantasy XIII that so many people love to hate, but also because of how long it's taken to get out, and people still believe...
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    Final Fantasy is feared to be a dying franchise that has long passed it's peak to Square Enix...

    Final Fantasy XIII did well on the name alone, because up to that point, not enough fans were deterred from the series, and there was a lot of hype built up around it. The problem wasn't the sales, but the reviews, which put SE into a bad light, and generated a lot of distasteful topics...
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    Final Fantasy is feared to be a dying franchise that has long passed it's peak to Square Enix...

    The decade or so since the last single-player numbered Final Fantasy game may have had a had in pushing out the fans, as they went on to other things. Which is why I'm not keen we will ever get a new console Breath of Fire or Wild Arms game again, or at least one that lives up to the previous games.
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    Final Fantasy is feared to be a dying franchise that has long passed it's peak to Square Enix...

    Agreed, I mean my order of plays went from Final Fantasy 1 (NES) to Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy III (DS, not the SNES), Final Fantasy XII. I really can't say what my favorite one was, but my least favorite was FF3 (DS). But the loss of...

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