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  • --- HP Cost Skill ---

    M.Mage: Charging!

    (M.Mage Cast Charging, Restore 25 Stamina With 10 HP Cost)

    F.Knight: I'm Powered!
    M.Mage: (Bleeding From His Mouth)

    (Many Encounters Later...)

    F.Knight: M.Mage, Bring Me Your Stamina Magic!
    it's just me or MZ Fire & Earth Elemental are worse than the MVs?

    in Fire Elemental, i didn't see the "Explosive" or "Flame Pillar" shape, just a burst like Flamethrower from the bottom.
    Earth Elemental are very worse than Fire Elemental.

    other than that, it's good, same pattern like MVs...
    Day 3 & Still cannot access Steam

    Steam is all fine. Are you sure it is not a problem on your end?
    here is blocked by the goverment. not just that, Epic Games, Origin, even Paypal are hitted, too
    You could try to run RPG Maker in the Steam Offline Mode, thatway you would not need to Buy the non Steam Version. Not a Solution to this Topic but maybe a glimpse of Joy.
    Thanks for making me aware about this News. Best wishes from Germany.
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    Happy Eid Mubarak for Everyone! :D
    We don't celebrate that here, but I would be very open to join one of those dinners ;D Hope you have a nice festive day!
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    2 Hours of my Endurance to not Eat & Drink
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    @Kes man that was one of the weirdest things I found overseas is that it seems like virtually no one who isn't American or French makes white gravy. A savory scone would be the closest to biscuits, but you probably still don't fully understand the appeal of drenching them in gravy just the same if you haven't had the right kind of gravy. Try it sometime if you haven't, quite easy to make.
    I've looked up the recipe for white gravy. It's the same as white sauce. If you asked for white gravy in the UK you would get totally blank looks. But we use white sauce a lot.
    @Philosophus Vagus forgot to tag you for the above reply, and trying to do that in edit doesn't seem to work.
    --- Shop In Battle ---

    (M.Knight & F.Knight Are In Battle)
    M.Knight: Shoot, we runs out our supplies!
    F.Knight: We can buy the Goods at Battlefield
    M.Knight: What? How?
    (Merchant are in Battle)
    Merchant: 'ey,come here! i got the Nice Goods fo' ya.
    F.Knight: I want 10 Potions,quick!
    Merchant: Sure.
    M.Knight: (Shocked) Seriously?!
    It's definitely a funny scenario but mechanically its breaks up the pacing of the fight.
    got 2nd time bad ending in Phantasy Star Portable series,this time Infinity :MV4:
    that's why i hate the choices that lead you to bad ending (sigh)
    finally beating Legend Of Mana on PS1 (via Emulator with my Phone),since got a problem with my Laptop which i can't continue my work anymore

    Next,Final Fantasy 9
    --- Zone Difference ---

    (1st Town Zone,1-1-2022)
    F.Archer: (Telephone) Happy New Year,M.Healer! Hope we're granted the new time for 2022
    M.Healer: Are you sure? We're different time here. Here's Lava Town at 12:00,it's still hot & bright here so it's impossible to shot the Fireworks
    F.Archer: I see,i'm sorry with that
    --- Sleeping At 2021 ---

    M.Mage: Phew,i'm so tired. Let's replenish my HP & Stamina by Sleeping,g'night.

    (When M.Mage Waking From His Sleep)

    F.Mage: Happy New Year!
    M.Mage: Huh? New Year? (Looking At Calendar's Year,2022)
    M.Mage: Wai-WHAT???!!!
    You slept for a year. :ninja:
    Have to stay away from my Laptop & not doing my work for 3/4 days due my illness

    (If you want to know how i write this: a phone)
    --- Tutorial ---

    Tutorial: Press Move Button to Move your Character
    F.Knight: Move mean WASD or Arrow Button or what?

    Tutorial: If your character got hit,your HP will dropped
    F.Knight: "I was Veteran back then,of course i know!"

    Tutorial: If your HP Goes 0,you're Died & Game Over
    F.Knight: :MV4:
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so, for like the entire duration of me working on my game, I've wanted to see how possible it is to make SOME kind of turn based team fighting game and if I can pull off what's in my notes, I think I'll be satisfied.
Getting somewhat tired of drawing these castles now :LZSlol:
"ight time to finna boot up the DQ11 demo i downloaded--"

>crafting system



nope. *uninstalls*
Working on a new battler again! :D
Documentary episode with me in it is out! I even have the next to last word too!

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