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  • finally beating Legend Of Mana on PS1 (via Emulator with my Phone),since got a problem with my Laptop which i can't continue my work anymore

    Next,Final Fantasy 9
    --- Zone Difference ---

    (1st Town Zone,1-1-2022)
    F.Archer: (Telephone) Happy New Year,M.Healer! Hope we're granted the new time for 2022
    M.Healer: Are you sure? We're different time here. Here's Lava Town at 12:00,it's still hot & bright here so it's impossible to shot the Fireworks
    F.Archer: I see,i'm sorry with that
    --- Sleeping At 2021 ---

    M.Mage: Phew,i'm so tired. Let's replenish my HP & Stamina by Sleeping,g'night.

    (When M.Mage Waking From His Sleep)

    F.Mage: Happy New Year!
    M.Mage: Huh? New Year? (Looking At Calendar's Year,2022)
    M.Mage: Wai-WHAT???!!!
    You slept for a year. :ninja:
    Have to stay away from my Laptop & not doing my work for 3/4 days due my illness

    (If you want to know how i write this: a phone)
    --- Tutorial ---

    Tutorial: Press Move Button to Move your Character
    F.Knight: Move mean WASD or Arrow Button or what?

    Tutorial: If your character got hit,your HP will dropped
    F.Knight: "I was Veteran back then,of course i know!"

    Tutorial: If your HP Goes 0,you're Died & Game Over
    F.Knight: :MV4:
    --- Secret Room ---

    M.Knight: Phew,i'm so Tired to Walking in this Huge Dungeon...
    M.Archer: Let's rest for a whil--
    (M.Archer Accidently Open The Room Of Gold Bars)
    M.Knight: What the F--,it's the Gold Bars Room?!
    M.Archer: I don't know if it's the trap imagination...
    M.Knight: I...i want to stay here...forever!
    M.Archer: Ah,Hell No!
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    The gold will hypnotize you and make you greedy, don't do it.
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    M.Knight would like Gankutsuou.
    --- Point Of No Return ---

    Hero: Alright,it's the Final Dungeon! I'll destroy the Demon King once for all!
    (1 Hour In Dungeon)
    Hero: My Supplies runs out,let's get out to buy the supp-
    (Cannot Open The Entrance Gate)
    Hero: Da*n,I'm stuck!!!
    --- Restricted Area ---

    M.Fighter: We're arrive in Fog Ruins
    : But,this area are Restricted,are you sure you insist to set your feet here?
    M.Fighter: No worries,we already Stronger & Better at the Field,y'know
    (A Few Moments Later At The Entrance)
    M.Fighter: (Panting) I can't believe it,It's useless than i imagine!
    F.Healer: I told you,it's impossible!
    --- Neglecting The Main Quest ---

    (1st Game)
    King: You must Slay the Demon King to save the World,Hero!
    Hero: Yes,Your Majesty!
    (A Few Years In Game)
    Hero: Phew,i'm already done with all Side-Quest! now,let's hunt the Collectibles for my Personal Stats!
    Recently I have become the option where I ignore the sidequests and focus on the main quest. As a game dev I can appreciate how important it is to a game. The only side quests I do are the character-driven side quest ;)
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     I’m planning on allowing the player do this sort of stuff, but only to a point before I start taking steps to curtail further such shenaniganry — progressing from party members yelling at the leader to disabling save points by way of some sort of Bad Guy Plot Device™ to closing inns and shops because people are evacuating.
    My approach to this is either going to be having an internal timer which moves events along in various places if you don't get to them soon enough, or have each piece of side content progress the timeline by X amount depending on how long it presumably would have taken the party to do, and modifying later events accordingly.
    i'm so addicted with underground housing,like sewers,bunkers & cellars.
    The Morlocks of X-Men lore pretty much had a whole sewer society for a long time.
    As did the Morlocks of...actual Morlocks... :wink:
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    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Didn't actual Morlocks live in vast caverns and tunnels in the earth rather than tiny, cramped sewers?
    Gosh,I want to Play this Game Again one more again!

    Seeing my Own Character & Kannono Once Again!
    there's no english translation since 2 tho
    finally got new phone number after a many month i lost my old phone
    trying to make a Dialogue Script in Indonesian,first. then translate into English.

    this is the reason why i'm terrible at this section beside making the enemies :stare:
    need a time to not open my MV,still addicted with new vegas

    i wonder what addiction effect behind playing new vegas too much,maybe INT & Science gone worse in many days :D
    things that i don't like in Skyrim: a Quest that i don't want to do is opened & led me into the Factions that i don't want to (Thief Guild)
    Modding is only cheating if you use mods to cheat. I specifically use them to make the game way more immersive and harder.
    I can't imagine why people would pigeon-hole mods as 'cheating' when like the most popular ones are; making the game work, making the game pretty, giving you more options with what you can do with quests, and followers. On that note, I love the tiny mod I have that lets you hide a quest from your journal menu if you know you'll never do it.
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    Think of it like using plugins. Some really make it better.
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Micro rant. The worst part of working from home when you live with your family is seeing how inconsiderate they are. "Hey, you're sitting in front of your computer, that means you're not doing anything! I want to put the TV at 200 decibels!"

If I was working in the office would you still talking me like that?
It's definitely discouraging when streamers give a try-to-say-it-nicely (i.e. bad) review of your game demo. It's like jumping into a cold pool. Bad initally, but it gets better with time. And you are now more alert and see better.
Some screenshots of the pub and lodging with the beginnings of clutter taking shape



Backgrounds are not my strong suit... :kaodes:

Just realized I forgot doing the clouds... woops

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