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    Maybe...a Drinkable Water Plant or something?
    --- Top Up ---

    Merchant: Diamond Sword cost 100 Diamonds
    F.Magic Knight
    : I don't have Diamonds,what should we do?
    M.Knight: I don't have any choice,i have to Buy Diamonds with my Card
    F.Magic Knight
    : You do?
    (M.Knight's Balance Just Have 1.25)
    M.Knight: (Chuckle) Maybe,later…
    Got new Inspiration of Quest after play Far Cry 2 and Elder Scrolls Oblivion (I beat the Story…Ended with my Hero be Vampire),Back to Work!
    --- Handling The Loot ---

    (Gunner Lady Got Whiskey)
    Gunner Lady: Seriously? This item is a Trash for me. I leave it
    F.Mage: No,just keep it! Someday we got a Good Prices of this Item
    Gunner: Just leave it to me,Ladies (Take The Whiskey Then Drink It)
    Gunner: If you found the same Item like this,i can handle it
    Gunner Lady: By drink it? That's not good,honey
    F.Mage: My Golds…
    --- Difficulty Selection ---

    M.Archer: It's the Difficulty Selection. Depending your Ability to play
    F.Archer: Please don't set to be Very Hard!
    M.Knight: Gimme a Trick. When i set to Very Hard,then go Down again
    (Reset Very Hard To Be Very Easy)
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    M.Knight: Then go Down again... press enter...
    (Hell difficulty chosen)
    --- Disassemble ---

    Hero: What are you doing?
    M.Magic Knight: Disassembling the Item to be something Useful,like Iron Sword Disassemble to be Iron Ingots
    : That's so fun! Can you Disassemble this? (Heal Bottle S)
    M.Magic Knight: That could be done with Alchemist!
    --- Sneaky ---

    Gunner (Whisper): It's the Sleeping Forest Ogre. Waking him up will cause the Huge problem
    Hero (Whisper): What's our Plan?
    Gunner (Whisper): Use this Bomb. Plant it to his Head and find your Cover
    Hero (Whisper): Got it!
    (Hero Walk To Forest Ogre's Head. However,Accidently Stepping The Branches,Instantly Waking The Forest Ogre)
    Hero: Ouch...
    Gunner: Goddammit!!!
    --- Confusion (Drunk) ---

    (Heroine Got Confusion)
    F.Knight: Heroine,Attack them
    (Heroine Attack F.Knight)
    F.Knight: What are you doing???
    Heroine: Huh? I though you're Monster…
    F.Knight: Of course not me,Idiot!!!
    Hi, please try not to exceed the limit of 2 status posts per day.
    I never understood these but I really enjoy reading them.
    --- Don't Need Friends ---

    M.Fighter: Hey,M.Magic Knight,wanna join to Hangout with us?
    M.Magic Knight: I pass
    F.Healer: Why not? it's fun rather than be alone
    F.Mage: Yeah,we can talk about Random things and we get along in this Guild
    M.Magic Knight: I'm here for Jobs and Changing my Life,not for making with Bunch of Idiots like yours,i'm leave!
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    (M.Magic Knight Leave)
    M.Fighter: What the hell?
    F.Healer: He's so Cold with us...
    F.Mage: Tch,why he join our Guild if he's not Befriend with us?
    --- Tsundere ---

    M.Knight: Dammit! He's so Crazy!
    F.Magic Knight: Fireball! (Balls Of Fire Launch To The Monster,Ending The Battle)
    M.Knight: Phew,thanks! I'm glad you did it
    F.Magic Knight: I-I'm not Rescuing you,Dummy! I can't stand with the Weak Knight like you!
    M.Knight: Sorry
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    F.Magic Knight: Next time,don't do anything Stupid when you Battle against them again,you hear me!
    M.Knight: Alright,alright,i hear ya
    F.Magic Knight: (I'm not let you get hurt,M.Knight…Always…)
    --- Chest Part 2 ---

    Gunner Lady: Oh my,you're Cute Young Elf! I want to Hug you!
    M.Archer: Stop It! I'm too old than you,y'know! And stop put my Head on your Chest!
    Gunner Lady: My,My. It's okay,you can do anything on my Chest as you want
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    F.Mage: (Angrily Staring At Gunner Lady's Chest)
    Gunner Lady: What's wrong,F.Mage? You want to put your Head,too?
    F.Mage: HELL NO!!!
    --- Mentor ---

    Guild Leader: Slay 10 Ground Rats to get 1000G. You will Mentored with Hero for your Advanced Fighting
    Heroine: With Hero?! He's be my Mentor?! I can't believe it,i'm the Huge Fans of him all of my life,and this is a Dream!!!
    (In Distand)
    F.Knight: Looks like you got a Fans,huh?
    Hero: Seriously? When?
    --- 1st January Quest ---

    Hero: Y'know,today is the 1st day of 2021! i hope something good and new are happen to us
    F.Mage: Yeah,let's leave our back with the new one. no matter how bad it is,we still be Optimism and keep Positive with what we got
    Guild Leader: Is that so? well,today you got a Quest that Nobody touch it. This is 2021,and you do your job at 1st time (Give A Bunch Of Papers Of Quests). So,Happy New Year!
    Hero & F.Mage: You Gotta Be Kidding Me?
    When you go to Toilet at 23:59 and you out at 00:09,you feel that you inside the Toilet in 1 year
    --- Co-op Attack ---

    (M.Mage Cast Explosive Toward M.Knight's Sword,Then Perform Hell Ground To All Enemies Until Dead,Ending The Battle)
    M.Healer: Cool! I can't believe you guys can do Co-op Attack
    M.Mage: It's the M.Knight's Crazy Idea,of course i can't imagine it's work
    M.Knight: You have Slow Down,don't you? maybe it's make the enemy will Slow while i have to Slay it
    M.Healer: I'll try
    (M.Healer Prepare The Spell) Slow Down! (Bell Ringing And Everything Got Slow)
    M.Mage (Slow): Whaaat's goiiing ooonnn wiiith meeeeee!!!
    M.Knight (Slow): Whyyy iii'm sooo Slooow???
    M.Healer: W-Wait a minute,i'm forget that this Skill also affect everything,even the Allies can get slow,too...
    later... they ask advice to Hero
    Hero: Make it 3 person Co-Op... first M.Mage Cast Explosive to M.Knight's Sword... Then M.Knight perform Hell Ground to All Enemies... Then M.Healer cast Slow Down so the enemy cannot run from AoE burn... previous 2 person Co-Op have flaw when enemy run from AoE range.
    M.Knight: but then... i will burned in the AoE
    Hero: Don't worry... M. Healer will revive you later.
    M.Knight: @#!(
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    My Internet are Dead since Morning (Around 9 AM) and i don't have anything but Staring my Phone and Laptop

    If you ask the Question about How to use the Forum when the Internet are Dead: Internet Data

    Yeah,it's the GOOD Alternative Way,but…
    --- Rage (Uncontrollable) ---

    (M.Fighter Got Rage)
    M.Fighter: Haaaaah!!!!!
    (M.Fighter Punching Monster Until Dead,Ending The Battle)
    Hero: You did it! Now,let's get out from he---
    M.Fighter: Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora…
    (M.Fighter Punching Everything Around Him)
    Hero: (Terrified) W-what the F**K?!
    I think the state he got was "Jojo Fever"
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