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  • --- BL Part 2 ---

    (M.Fighter & M.Archer Perform Kabe-don)
    F.Knight: (Take A Picture) Nice Scenery!
    F.Healer: (Take A Picture) This is the best pose ever!
    M.Archer: Can we stop it!
    F.Knight: No,both of you must lean face a few Inch!
    F.Healer: Like you guys pecking each other!
    M.Fighter & M.Archer: HELL NO!!!
    --- Fast Travel Part 2 ---

    F.Mage: I can't take it! F.Healer,do something!
    F.Healer: Okay,let's use Fast Travel (Grab F.Mage's Hand)
    Hero: Wait a sec,are you really use tha---
    (F.Healer & F.Mage Teleported)
    (3 Hours On Cave Entrance)
    F.Healer: Hero,you're late!
    F.Mage: We're tired to waiting for you.
    Hero: THAT ILLEGAL!!!
    kinda weird having Hero that did not have Fast Travel spell :D :D...
    --- Internet Password ---

    Hero: M.Mage,can you gimme the Internet Password?
    M.Mage: The password is Open Sesame
    (Hero Enter The Password,But Incorrect)
    Hero: It incorrect!
    M.Mage: The correct one like this. (The password of Open Sesame...With Runic Language)
    This is the Actor of the Skits:

    From Top to Bottom:
    M.Knight, M.Fighter, M.Archer, M.Mage, M.Healer
    F.Knight, F.Fighter, F.Archer, F.Mage, F.Healer
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    where's CHEF????
    still planning of them
    It's done!

    From Left to Right: Chef, Gunner, Game Police, Survivalist
    --- BL ---

    M.Healer: What it's?
    M.Archer: It's the unusual Pink Book,let's check it out
    Page 1: M.Knight touching the Hero's Cheek
    Page 2: M.Archer & Gunner perform Kabe-don
    Page 3: M.Mage hugging M.Healer from back
    M.Archer: Wh…What the…
    F.Knight: Did you see…anything?
    M.Healer & M.Archer: (Screaming)
    More than 10 years ago when I noticed girls going crazy over this kind of stuff everywhere I was as baffled as the M.Archer.
    --- Desert ---

    F.Fighter: Hey,do you have a Water?
    F.Archer: We runs out the Water.
    F.Fighter: Shoot! Hey,M.Mage,Splash me!
    M.Mage: I don't have a Stamina.
    F.Fighter: :kaosigh:
    (8 Hours Later On Desert Town)
    F.Archer: We're Arriv---,
    (F.Fighter Collapse With Dried Appearance)
    F.Archer & M.Mage: (Scream)
    It looks like they forgot the "Magic Water" for stamina.
    --- Wanted ---

    F.Knight: Hey,look at the Poster.
    (The Photo Of M.Fighter. Wanted! Dead Or Alive, 10.000G)
    M.Fighter: I never see that guy before…i wonder who it is?
    Hunter 1: It's…It's the WANTED guy!!!
    Hunter 2: He's MY money!
    Hunter 3: No,He's MINE!!
    M.Fighter: WHAT'S GOING ON???
    Stick figure M.Fighter, or overly exaggerated M.Fighter.
    The land of no mirrors, or the land of bad photocamera.
    --- Friendship System Part 2 ---

    (F.Mage and F.Healer's FP is 255)
    F.Mage: I only have 10 HP left!
    F.Healer: Leave it to me! (Preparing Healing Spell) Heal-1 (Red Light Appear & Recover 800 HP)
    F.Mage: Thanks,my Bestie! (Pecking F.Healer's Cheek)
    F.Healer: Ahhh…you're so sweet!!!
    (In Distand)
    M.Knight: (Thumb Up With Nosebleed) Nice Scenery!!!
    M.Healer & M.Mage: NANI!!!
    @Ami: Change F.Mage -> M.Mage, F.Healer -> M.Healer and M.Knight -> F.Knight
    fujoshi lover scene :D.
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    --- Fast Travel ---

    Villager: It takes 6 hours if you go to next town by foot.
    F.Mage: Shoot,what we have to do?
    F.Healer: We can Fast Travel
    : Fast Travel?
    (5 Seconds Later,Both Of Them Arrive)
    F.Healer: We did it!
    F.Mage: Wai---WHAT???
    --- TV Series ---

    (In TV)
    Hero: This is my journey. i hope somebody doesn't know this. goodbye,everyone. (To Be Continued...Credit Roll)
    F.Knight: That awesome,i can't wait for next episode next week!
    M.Knight: You did a great job,Hero!
    Hero: That was embarrassing!
    M.Knight: But it's a part of Quest,y'know.
    --- Eating Skill ---

    (Ending The Battle)
    Hero: We did it!
    Chef: Now,you can replenish full HP and Stamina,by eat the knocked monster.
    F.Archer: Are you serious!?
    Chef: Time To Dig It!!! (Perform Eating The Monster)
    Hero & F.Archer: (Scared Expression)
    when they inside the Food World or getting hypnotized
    inspired from Final Fantasy VIII,you can perform eat the monster,but must be Censored with the "Nice Scenery". it's the most hilarious Skill in Final Fantasy VIII
    I can only imagine a very gruesome scene where the party members are tearing into the monster. There is also the more wholesome and comedic route where the mage casts a spell turn the monster into a sandwich.
    --- Turn Bomb ---

    Gunner: Hero,set this Bomb to 10.
    Hero: Is that too long?
    Gunner: Just set it!
    (End The Battle)
    Gunner: That Bomb just have 1 Turn,you must Disable it.
    Hero: Ok!
    (Hero Carefully Disable The Bomb,Suddenly It Explode)
    Gunner: (Shocked) What The ****!!!!!!
    --- Harem Perks ---

    Hero: (Surrounded With 5 Girls)

    (In Distand)

    M.Fighter: That not fair! how he could do that?
    M.Archer: he got Harem Perks.
    M.Healer: Harem Perks?
    M.Knight: It makes the Girls will instantly attached when they set their eyes to the User
    M.Mage: As i know,he learn from Mr.Playboy.
    still no idea of new skits,until today:VXA4:
    Have you considering putting some the skits into the current game you are working on? They are oozing with character, maybe that is the step you could take. Maybe, once you start establishing a world the skit ideas come to you.
    --- Teleport Stone ---

    M.Archer: It's not good,we can't reach to the cave entrance!
    M.Mage: Any idea?
    Hero: I have Teleport Stone,which we can Reach to the Guild instantly.
    M.Archer: Then,let's do it!
    (After Teleportation)
    M.Mage: It's…
    (The other Guild)
    M.Archer: IT'S NOT OUR GUILD!!!
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    It could have been very fun if the Teleport Stone was a Teleport Stone: it does teleport just itself.
    It happens to be be the guild that worship the "dark lord"
    --- Onsen Part 2 ---

    F.Healer: Aahh,it's been a while we're not dipping in Hot Spring
    F.Mage: Makes me can't go out from this place
    (M Side)
    Hero: Your body is nice,M.Knight.
    M.Knight: Really?
    Hero: Your abs,your chest,your Six-pack belly…
    M.Knight: I'm not notice it,but your body is nice,too.
    F.Healer: (Nosebleeding)
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    F.Mage: F.Hea--- Oh my god,you're Bleeding!!!
    F.Healer: ……
    (M Side)
    Hero & M.Knight: I knew it!
    The F.Healer fortunately own "CURE EPISTAXIS " spell, but she's so unfocused that can't use it at the moment...
    she can't focus because 2:
    1. thinking his body is hot
    2. fantasizing about both of them (i can't tell you,you may know what it is)
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    --- Currency ---

    Hero: This city cannot accept Gold to buy the items.
    Merchant: You can exchange Gold into TC,depending the rate of TC this time.
    Hero: Really? Then,i want to exchange 999999999G.
    Merchant: Let's see……Wait a second,are you Cheating again?
    Hero: Hell No!!! I earn it with myself!!!
    TC: your own Currency
    All the long hours training to level 99 paid off.
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    --- F.Mage Cooking ---

    F.Mage: Hey,guys. i made dinner for you!
    M.Fighter & Hero: (Shock) Dinner???
    (F.Mage Put The Failed And Burnt Dishes Surrounded With Creepy Aura)
    Hero: What the...???
    F.Mage: It's Curry Rice,Fried Egg And Cakes. I hope you guys like my Dishes.
    M.Fighter: Are you kidding me?
    (Meanwhile In Kitchen)
    Chef: (Teary Eyes) I spend 10 hours to teach her how to cook the Delicious Dishes,but...ended like this...(Sniff)
    If Hero can survive this, He will resist any poison debuff from enemies later. so..good luck Hero-san!
    Dubious Food. (Breath of the Wild failed cooking)
    --- Mushroom ---

    F.Knight: We runs out the food!
    Hero: Anything could eat in this place?
    F.Archer: It's a bunch of Mushroom over there. I wonder it's safe to eat.
    F.Knight: No worries,we have to fill our inside no matter what it is.
    (Hero & F.Knight Eat The Mushroom,After 10 Seconds They Collapse With Foam)
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    I wonder how that guy survived the chivalry training...
    --- Onsen ---

    Hero: Ahh,dipping in the hot spring is the best!
    M.Knight: It fully recover our HP & MP, and remove all Bad Effect.
    (F Side)
    F.Mage: Hey,your Chest is Bigger than me!
    F.Healer: Really,i'm not notice it.
    F.Mage: That not fair,i will take your Bigger Chest for me!
    F.Healer: No,stop it!
    (M Side)
    Hero & M.Knight: (Nosebleeding)
    F.Mage: Hey,gu--- What happen with your nose?
    F.Healer: You're bleeding
    Hero: (Nosebleeding) It's all your fault!
    M.Knight: (Nosebleeding) Yeah!
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    M.Knight: It fully recover our HP & MP, and remove all Bad Effect, not speaking increasing our audience rate with highly predictable FanService.
    Hero: what FanService is?
    M.Knight: 3...2..1...
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