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  • --- Dialog Filter ---

    Gunner: Yo! my ****** friend?
    Hero: Uhh,what happen with your mouth?
    Gunner: Huh? what ****** happen with my mouth? i just speech as usual.
    Hero: But,your mouth are like the garbage!
    Gunner: Hey,what the **** are you say? you want the piece of **** with my ****** Gun!
    (Meanwhile,The Dialog Filter In The Option Is Off)
    is this one of spongebob episode ?
    CLOUD!! I told you to stop letting Barret run the puppet shows in this establishment!
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    @Shikamon inspired from Fallout with dialogue filter and,yeah,it is. i imagine the censor SFX is gunshots
    --- Dumped ---

    Hero: Please go out with me!
    F.Healer: (Silent In 10 Seconds) I refuse.
    Hero: ???
    F.Healer: I don't want my friendship with F.Mage is ruined because i'm in your side. so...i'm sorry. (Running)
    Hero: (Glass Break SFX)
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    Read the Friendship System too,you will understand
    Poor Hero; either it works out in the end, or he's not from most JRPGs from the 90s.
    --- Cheating Part 2 ---

    F.Healer: Ahh,This item really expensive!
    F.Mage: What should we do?
    Hero: Don't worry,i can use this (Activate 999999999G,Suddenly The Game Police Is Watching)
    Game Police:Ehem!!! (I See You Gesture)
    Hero: (Gulp)...Just...forget it...
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    also,Hero already released and allow him into the Game World without our knowledge. he promised to not using Cheat or, else he got arrested again.
    A second time offender. Tsk, tsk...
    The diligence of your comedic practice... MY BRAIN TREMBLES.
    --- Equipment Microtransaction ---

    M.Knight: How much this item?
    Merchant: 79.99 REAL Money
    (After Do Transaction In Real World)
    Merchant: Thanks,come back again!
    (In Distand)
    M.Knight: (Smile With Regret) Goodbye...My Dream Console And PC Gaming
    Microtransaction = Super Trap :rswt2:
    Kuro DCupu
    Kuro DCupu
    You should try working. It makes real money.
    M.Knight always working with guilds or some quests. The rest is the Player
    --- Friendship System ---

    (F.Mage and F.Healer's FP is 100)
    F.Mage: We did it! we can beat the monster easily!
    F.Healer: With the Friendship System,we got stronger thanks to you F.Mage (Hugging)
    F.Mage: (Blushing) Ahh...don't say like that. we are Best Friend Forever.
    (In Distand)
    M.Mage: They look happy...
    M.Healer: Yeah...always like that...
    --- Overused ---

    Hero: (Drink 3 HP Bottle L)
    F.Healer: Don't drink too much,or you got sick!
    Hero: Nah,i'm okay. it's the way to repleni---
    (Hero Collapse)
    Hero: (Weak) head (Coughing Then Vomiting)
    F.Healer: I told you to don't Drink 3 HP Bottle L or you're Sick. Let's go to Doctor.
    it inspires me from Fallout series. too much Chems you use,not good for your body.
    also,Addiction System is exciting system that i want to learn and implement in my project. for example,too much using HP Bottle will cause your HP drop 3 times and will back in many days (in RPG Maker case,i use steps to recover it)
    I have an addiction system in my unreleased post apocalyptic project, and if you drink too much alcohol or take too much drugs you will die.
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    --- Cheating ---

    Hero: I can't Stand this! (Activate Infinite HP, Stats 999)
    Game Police: Hold right there!
    Hero: What happened,sir?
    Game Police: You're under arrest because Using Cheat in the Game,illegally!
    (Handcuffing the Hero)
    Hero: Huh???
    Game Police: You have the Punishment to Not be in this world: 6 Months
    : (Shocking) WHAT???
    --- Music Selection Part 2 ---

    (Battle Begin)
    M.Fighter: Alright,let's begin the battl---
    (the Troll Song has played)
    M.Archer: Wait a that...
    Hero: Alright,let's begin the battle!
    M.Fighter & M.Archer: (Teary Eyes) Not Again!!!
    --- Anti-Bear Circle ---

    F.Fighter: Shoot! that Bear is really stronger than i expected!
    Hero: Don't worry,i perform this (Draw The Big Circle On The Ground)
    F.Fighter: What are you doing?
    Hero: It's Anti-Bear Circle. the Bear will never attacking u---
    (The Bear attacking Hero F.Fighter)
    Hero: (Weak) I think it's Oval,not Circle...

    Originated From Spongebob Squarepants
    don't forget Sea rhinoceroses !
    The circle are just for prevent the bear. About Rhino it's still mystery
    --- Gacha Skill ---

    Hero: Not again!!!
    M.Knight: What are you doing?
    Hero: I want to get that Weapon,it's really Legendary.
    M.Knight: i see,your Gacha Skill are Suck.
    Hero: Oh,yeah? Then i ask you to Get that Weapon in 1x Roll.
    M.Knight: Heheh...Leave it to me (add 5 Stones for 1x Roll,Legendary Weapon is out)
    M.Knight: See?
    Hero: ...
    --- Music Selection ---

    M.Archer: It's Music Station,You can Change the Music as you like.
    F.Healer: i want to hear the Romantic Music.
    M.Fighter: Then,i want the Hard-Rock one!
    (the Troll Song has played)
    M.Archer: Hey,i hear this Music.
    F.Healer: It's popular from Internet Music,i wonder who change it?
    Hero: I change it.
    Entire Party: YOU????
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    I do love the daily skits about game mechanics you gift us with, @Ami! That is the best part of my morning!
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    --- Survival For RPGist Part 3 ---

    F.Healer: Here it is,I made the Simple Sandwich
    : it's so Delicious!
    Chef: Here you Go! My Gourmet Steak.
    Survivalist: It's Super Delicious,Too!
    F.Mage: I Made it for you!
    F.Healer: Uhh...Charcoal?
    F.Mage No,It's a Toast!
    Chef: Did you Let it in 10 Minutes?
    F.Mage: Maybe?
    --- Survival For RPGist Part 2 ---

    Survivalist: Now,I going to Test you: Fishing with Spear
    M.Spear Knight: Leave it to me.
    (M.Spear Knight Spearing the Fish with His Battle Spear)
    M.Spear Knight: How it is?
    Survivalist: I know you did it,but...Is that the Spear for Battle,not for Fishing?
    M.Spear Knight: But,is that same?
    Survivalist: (Sigh)...Whatever
    --- Survival For RPGist ---

    Survivalist: I going to Test you: How to make the Fire.
    F.Mage: That easy. (Preparing the Spell) EXPLOSIVE!!!
    (an Explosion on the Wood Branch then Fire is Appeared)
    F.Mage: (Proud Face) See?
    Survivalist: (Angry Tone) MAGIC ISN'T ALLOWED!!!
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    It's common knowledge in the D&D world that a fireball in fact do little to no fire and all the damage come by impact wave. So the use of an "Explosive" is probably a savvy choice. That Mage deserve graduation.
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    --- Food Ingredients ---

    Hero: Since the Chef are in Hospital,we can't eat his Dish in 3 Days.
    F.Mage: What we have to Eat?
    M.Healer: Don't worry,we can Eat the Food Ingredients.
    Hero & F.Mage
    : Really?

    (3 Days Later)

    Chef: Hi,Guys. I'm Ba---
    (Entire Party Collapse After Eat Raw Meat)
    Chef: Wha...WHAT GOING ON HERE!!!!!!
    Tsk tsk...they should have just went to the inn. They all have food, at a price.
    @KazukiT i was thinking that,but his Chef is the best than the Inn's Chef
    Well, it looks like he has a job once they finish their quest.
    --- Item Discard ---

    F.Knight: Hero,can you Add this Mineral into our Bag?
    Hero: Leave it to me!

    (Capacity: 500/500)

    Hero: umm...our bag are full. what i have to do?
    F.Knight: Hmm...Let's see...

    F.Knight: (Throw Stuff Into Water) we can Discard anything to make the room of the Bag.
    Hero: (Hysterical Screaming) NOOOOOO!!!!!! MY RARE STUUUUUUFFF!!!!!!
    To turn it into cash at the cost of runes and a required magic level.
    Suddenly the water turns green.
    Villager 1: hey,what going on with this river?
    Villager 2: (Feel Sick) eugghh,i feel no good...
    Villager 3: (Worried) i'm afraid about my village!

    (In Distance)

    Hero: (Staring The F.Knight)
    F.Knight: (Silent)
    --- V.A.T.S ---

    Gunner: (Shoot 2 Legs)
    Monster: (Monster Fall Into Ground)
    Gunner: Now,he learned a lesson!
    Hero: Wow,that cool!. what that item on your head?
    Gunner: This is V.A.T.S,to aiming the specific parts of target.
    Hero: can i borrow it?!
    Gunner: Huh?

    (1 Hour Later)

    Hero: I have enough......THIS IS USELESS!!!!!!
    Gunner: ...
    Originated from Fallout Series
    --- Cooking In The Battle ---

    Chef: i can make a dish in the middle of battle,what do you want to eat?
    Hero: Hamburger!
    : Curry Rice!
    F.Mage: Shortcake!

    (30 Minutes Later)

    Hero: (Blocking The Monster's Attack) Hey,are you done!? I can't hold this!
    Chef: (Frying The Meat) still frying the meat,just wait a little!
    --- Bribe Skill ---

    (1) Bribe The Monster With 1000G
    : Here is 1000G, and we don't have a battle with yo---
    Monster: (Attacking The Hero)

    (2) Bribe The Monster With 1000.000G
    here is 1000.000 G, and we don't have a battle with yo---
    Monster: (Monster Retreat,Ending The Battle)
    Hero: (Joy Face) We Did It!
    Entire Party: (Screaming) THAT OUR 1000.000G!!!!!!
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