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    New Character of my Skits

    From Left to Right: Heroine, Gunner Lady, M.Magic Knight, F.Magic Knight, Merchant, Guild Leader
    --- 1st January Quest ---

    Hero: Y'know,today is the 1st day of 2021! i hope something good and new are happen to us
    F.Mage: Yeah,let's leave our back with the new one. no matter how bad it is,we still be Optimism and keep Positive with what we got
    Guild Leader: Is that so? well,today you got a Quest that Nobody touch it. This is 2021,and you do your job at 1st time (Give A Bunch Of Papers Of Quests). So,Happy New Year!
    Hero & F.Mage: You Gotta Be Kidding Me?
    When you go to Toilet at 23:59 and you out at 00:09,you feel that you inside the Toilet in 1 year
    --- Co-op Attack ---

    (M.Mage Cast Explosive Toward M.Knight's Sword,Then Perform Hell Ground To All Enemies Until Dead,Ending The Battle)
    M.Healer: Cool! I can't believe you guys can do Co-op Attack
    M.Mage: It's the M.Knight's Crazy Idea,of course i can't imagine it's work
    M.Knight: You have Slow Down,don't you? maybe it's make the enemy will Slow while i have to Slay it
    M.Healer: I'll try
    (M.Healer Prepare The Spell) Slow Down! (Bell Ringing And Everything Got Slow)
    M.Mage (Slow): Whaaat's goiiing ooonnn wiiith meeeeee!!!
    M.Knight (Slow): Whyyy iii'm sooo Slooow???
    M.Healer: W-Wait a minute,i'm forget that this Skill also affect everything,even the Allies can get slow,too...
    later... they ask advice to Hero
    Hero: Make it 3 person Co-Op... first M.Mage Cast Explosive to M.Knight's Sword... Then M.Knight perform Hell Ground to All Enemies... Then M.Healer cast Slow Down so the enemy cannot run from AoE burn... previous 2 person Co-Op have flaw when enemy run from AoE range.
    M.Knight: but then... i will burned in the AoE
    Hero: Don't worry... M. Healer will revive you later.
    M.Knight: @#!(
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    My Internet are Dead since Morning (Around 9 AM) and i don't have anything but Staring my Phone and Laptop

    If you ask the Question about How to use the Forum when the Internet are Dead: Internet Data

    Yeah,it's the GOOD Alternative Way,but…
    --- Rage (Uncontrollable) ---

    (M.Fighter Got Rage)
    M.Fighter: Haaaaah!!!!!
    (M.Fighter Punching Monster Until Dead,Ending The Battle)
    Hero: You did it! Now,let's get out from he---
    M.Fighter: Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora…
    (M.Fighter Punching Everything Around Him)
    Hero: (Terrified) W-what the F**K?!
    I think the state he got was "Jojo Fever"
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    --- Mute ---

    (F.Mage Got Mute)
    M.Archer: F.Mage,use your Flame Pillar!
    F.Mage (Mute): … (I can't)
    M.Archer: What you say?!
    F.Mage (Mute): … (I got Mute,i can't use Magic)
    M.Archer: I can't hear you,what are talking about?!
    F.Mage (Mute): … (F**K,Whatever!)
    A funny detail I did like from Fire Emblem is that if your mage was silenced, they weren't just disabled from using magic... they couldn't have conversations either until it was lifted.
    --- Item Price ---

    M.Mage: Why you not Sell your Wolf Pelt right now?
    M.Healer: Wolf Pelt's Price still isn't good today as i saw on TV,i have wait until it's Price is good
    (3 Days Later)
    News: Wolf Pelt's Price is Decreased from 30 per item to be 25 per item
    M.Healer: (Blood Vomit)
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    (Another 3 Days Later)
    News: Wolf Pelt's Price Decrease from 25 per item to 15 per item
    M.Healer: (Heart Attack)

    At Hospital
    M.Healer: I don't Have enough money to pay the hospital
    M.Mage: Let me buy all your Wolf Pelt then...
    M.Healer: Ok.

    (3 Days Later)
    News: Wolf Pelt's Price Today Skyrocket to 150 per item
    M.Healer looking at the rope on the floor..
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    This is literally a pso2 player shop experience.
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    --- Fuel ---

    (F.Archer Driving The Off-Roader With F.Knight & F.Fighter In The Vast Desert)
    F.Knight: With this,we can arrive to the Desert Town in No Time!
    F.Fighter: I though you driving Recklessly,that why i'm scared
    F.Archer: Since i have Driving License,i have to Obedient to Traffic,y'know
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    (Suddenly,The Off-Roader Is Stopped)
    F.Knight: Huh? What's going on?
    F.Archer: We…Runs out the Fuel…
    F.Knight & F.Fighter: WHAAAT???
    --- a little bit adult joke below ---
    F.Knight: What fuel this machine used?
    F.Archer: Ammonia...
    F.Fighter: Our urine contain ammonia...
    F.Archer: Yes... but we don't have container to contain our urine and the fuel tank position is hard for us ladies to pee directly...

    F.Knight & F.Fighter: That's why the machine manual said to bring Male passenger for long trips.
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    --- Fireworks ---

    (M.Healer Fight The Killer Vulture On Night)
    M.Healer: I can't stand it! (Release The Fireworks) Take This!!!
    (M.Healer Shoot The Fireworks To Killer Vulture)
    (In Distand When Fireworks Exploded On Sky)
    F.Healer: Aaahhh...So Beautiful...
    F.Mage: "Are today is 31th,already?"
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    Later at the guild....
    F.Healer: Happy New Year All !!!
    Hero: really... is it already new year??
    F.Mage: I think so...
    Hero: Ah i see... Happy New Year !!!

    tens of years later...
    Old Story Teller: And that kids...
    the story on how the world calendar shift few days early...
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    --- News Of New Member ---

    M.Archer: Guys,did you hear? Our Guild will have 4 new Members…Next Month!
    Entire Team: Really?!
    M.Archer: I hear from Leader when attend the meeting,the new Team will be 3 Woman and 1 Man
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    F.Healer: I wonder if the Man is handsome…aahh,how should i do when i meet him?
    M.Knight: But,you have F.Mage,why you thinking about him?
    F.Healer: You're right
    Gunner: I wonder if the Woman have same Age like me and Sexy
    Hero: I hope she's Strong and Cute
    M.Mage: (Flat Expression) tch...Here you go again…
    --- Christmas Present (Is Received) ---

    M.Knight: Hey,i got the new Game! This is what i want since Childhood
    F.Archer: I got new Costume! and this size is fitted for me
    M.Knight: What you got,M.Fighter?
    M.Fighter: (Someone's Underwear)
    F.Archer: (Spit The Water)
    --- Mistletoe ---

    F.Healer: Hey look,it's Mistletoe. If 2 of them stand under Mistletoe,both of them mu---
    (F.Mage Grab F.Healer Shoulder)
    F.Mage: I know that,let's do it…
    F.Healer: Ehh???
    (In Distand)
    Hero: STOP IT!!!
    M.Knight: Do it! Just…DO IT!!!
    --- Christmas Present ---

    F.Knight: We send 9 Presents into the Houses,what the last one?
    F.Fighter: Let's see…
    "10th: Thief Leader,Present: Demon God Crown"
    F.Knight & F.Fighter: WHAT?!
    Thief Leader: Hehehe…When i have Demon God Crown,I'll Rule this World and Everyone must Worship me as a God! Hahaha…
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    Thief 1: I have a Bad Feeling about Leader…
    Thief 2: Me too…
    Meanwhile somewhere else...
    M. Swindler: I hope Thief Leader did not realize i swap the present with my underwear :D
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    --- Make It Warm (But Not This Way) ---

    M.Mage: It's the Ice Castle. I make this place gonna be Warm!
    (M.Mage Prepare The Spell) Heat Atmosphere! (An Red Atmosphere Make The Ice Castle Gonna Be Melt,Change The Region Without Snow,Ice Power Is Gone)
    M.Mage: Piece a Cake!
    Entire Party: (Angry) Piece a Cake you A**!!!
    --- Chest ---

    F.Healer: Oof,my Costume can't hold it anymore
    F.Archer: Yeah,we wear this Costume since 1st time we enter this Guild
    F.Mage: That's not true. It because your Chest is bigger,that why it can't hold it
    F.Archer: That make sense
    F.Healer: Your Costume always fitted until now and never got any problem
    F.Mage: (Teary Eyes) That because i'm a Board…(Sniff)
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    M.Knight: No... You're "Airport"... you can run the plane on it
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    --- Quest Queue ---

    Mayor: I want you to Slay 10 Rogues for 100G per kill
    M.Knight: Got it!
    Local Chef: Can you pick 5 Apples for me?
    M.Knight: Yes sir!
    Girl: Can you find my Teddy?
    M.Knight: Okay!
    (5> Quests Later)
    Hero: Hey,can you hel---
    M.Knight: (Angry) Enough is Enough!!!
    --- DLC ---

    Hero: I'm so Bored after Beat the Demon God. There's nothing i can do,right now…
    (An Mysterious Black Disc Laying On Ground)
    Hero: What it is?
    (Hero Using That Disc)
    "New Content Feature Added:
    • New Story
    • New Location
    • New Quest
    • New Equipments And Items"
    Hero: (Shocked) Really?!
    --- Artificial Ice ---

    (Inside Volcano)
    F.Fighter: So hot!
    M.Healer: I have Artificial Ice. You can feel Cold when you Equip it
    F.Fighter: Gimme!
    M.Healer: I just have one,nothing more
    F.Fighter: Then it's for me!
    M.Healer: No!
    (Artificial Ice Slipped From M.Healer's Hand,Fell Into Lava)
    F.Fighter & M.Healer: NOOO!!!
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