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  • What do you think about the Wood Bridge inside of Volcano?
    I think most people think of shield volcanoes like those in Hawaii, those have open lava... But it's usually really thin, so it just kind of flows away. Usually in the same direction. I know people take tours to watch it erupt there, so technically your bridge would survive any place the tourists would.
    Bonus points if it becomes plot-relevant when it burns away sometime after using it...
    It's a good place for an inter-party conversation at the very least.
    --- Swimming ---

    F.Knight: This Shrine always Flood. We don't have a choice,we have to Swimming in this place
    F.Healer: That Insane!
    F.Mage: We can use…Boat,rather than Swimming
    F.Knight: You guys…Can't Swim?
    F.Healer & F.Mage: (Shocked) Eehh??
    --- Luck ---

    (Enemy Perform Luck Steal)
    M.Mage: Huh,what's going on?
    M.Healer: Your Luck has Stolen by the Enemy!
    M.Mage: Shoot…I have to take it back!
    (M.Mage Run To The Enemy,But Get Stumbled By Rock)
    M.Mage: Wh…What the…
    M.Healer: Your Luck Is Terrible,i don't recommend you to go take it by yourself.
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    I always feel like these should have a comic attached. Or maybe just screen caps of the events as they happen arranged in a comic form.
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    that good idea…but i'm really suck at arts,especially comic making. somebody make it with this skits,i appreciated
    try using comipo... :D
    making comic become lot easier for newbie who did not even know how to draw.
    it's paid program though... and i think there's fantasy DLC pack so this skits will also need those DLC.
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    --- Body Parts ---

    (After Battle With Giga Scorpion)
    M.Archer: We did it!
    Gunner: We can cut the Body Parts as you like. I want to cut the Claws for good prices to sell
    M.Archer: I want the Tail and Eyes. Oh,i want Carapace and Legs,too
    (After That)
    Gunner: After getting the Parts,it's gonna be Nothing but just Body without anything
    M.Archer: We Overdid it…
    --- Lava ---

    (Inside Volcano)
    F.Fighter: We're safe here,but we don't have Fire Sources
    F.Archer: What we have to do?
    Chef: Girls,i made the Fried Fish,for us!
    F.Fighter: How you can Cook?
    Chef: With Lava
    F.Archer: You mean…This Lava?
    Chef: Yep!
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    Chef: Using lava in cooking is a fine art.
    Hero: I want to try!
    --- Talent Part 2 ---

    M.Fighter: My talent is Acrobatic! I can Jump to the Top of Tower Easily
    F.Healer: My talent is Medicine! I can make the Medicine and Greatly Heal the User
    Hero: My talent is Stealing! I can Steal the Items without noticed
    F.Healer: Call the Police!
    M.Fighter: Got it (Releasing His Phone)
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    Nice one. I love how Roleplaying games consider "Stealing" mechanic as normal.. Haha. Would be fun if there were games with Consequences for stealing like heading to Prison or being exiled from your village and not able to make use of the services.
    My current project has a Steal variable for most towns! Consequences range from NPC's locking doors to Player having a run-in with the law (how this plays out depends on location and choices). Class changes to Outlaw if bad reputation spreads enough (other factors besides stealing).

    I have an Alcohol Count too that messes with the player's stats if they get "drunk" but can "sleep it off" at inn/campsite.
    --- Talent ---

    F.Mage: My talent is Speech! I can talk with someone without Fail!
    Chef: My talent is Nature! I can Identify the Animals and Plants Accurately
    Gunner: My talent is Persuasion! I can Seduce the woman Instantly
    F.Mage & Chef: (Flat Expression) Nice…
    When you have talent but lack charisma, no wonder always got epic fail.
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    --- Collectible Items ---

    F.Healer: I have Fire Coin & Earth Coin!
    M.Healer: I have Veteran Coin & Smart Coin!
    M.Mage: You guys are Weak. Just have 2 Coins are proud for you?
    F.Healer: So…What do you have?
    M.Mage: (Showing 5 Sets Of 20 Complete Coins)
    F.Healer & M.Healer: (Shocked) NANI???
    --- Life Bottle ---

    (M.Knight Is Knocked Out)
    F.Knight: What we have to do?!
    F.Healer: Don't worry,i can Splash his body with Life Bottle
    : Are you serious?!
    (In Guild)
    M.Fighter: Why your smell is Fragrant than before?
    M.Knight: Huh? I don't know
    After done watch Precure Series (Don't Laugh At Me),back to my world map making to sharpening my World Map Skill.

    I'm proud with my skill and my creation :D.
    I love to watch it on TV as a kid (Dub Version).
    Still remember the theme song to this day. :D
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    From a distance, this world map feels isometric sorta like the levels from Soinc 3d Blast
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    --- Diet Part 2 ---

    F.Mage: Your menu just Salad without Dressing?
    F.Healer: I hold myself to NOT EAT anything in 6 hours and i have to eat this time. Is that a problem?
    F.Mage: No,butYou don't have to push yourself. it's not good for your Body
    F.Healer: But,this is my Decision. No one can stop me! (Eat The Salad)
    F.Mage: (Silent)
    --- Diet ---

    F.Healer: (Teary Eyes) It's terrible! I gain 5 Kilos just Eat a little of Fruit.
    F.Fighter: That too bad experience...
    F.Healer: It's decide! I have to Diet from today!
    F.Fighter: Are you serious?
    (Hero Eat The Leftover Of His Birthday Cake)
    F.Healer: (Mouthwatering) So Tasty...
    F.Fighter: Hey!
    That reminds me of in the trails series you have potions to wash down the food you prepare.
    Does potion have sugar tho? how could it make people fat? :D :D
    but then there are candies or gels as healing items.
    @Shikamon technically yes,rather than potion always bitter and uninteresting taste
    --- Money Attack ---

    M.Mage: It's not good. Our attack is useless!
    Gunner: Then i have use this!
    (Using 9999G Then Monster Got 9999 Damage,Ending The Battle)
    M.Mage: (Check The Money,Only 1G) Wh…What the?!
    Well, I think you need a merchant class to manage the money.
    And gain more money.
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    : *Get a heart attack*
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    --- Birthday ---

    Entire Guild: SURPRISE!!!
    Hero: Huh???
    F.Knight: Today is Your Birthday. Happy Birthday!
    F.Archer: Happy Birthday! Hope you always be good for your age
    M.Knight: Happy Birthday! I give you this as your present (Mineral Fusion Iron Sword)
    Hero: (Teary Eye) Thanks...You're always the best!
    F.Mage: Happy Birthday! I made this Ring just for you (Long Life Ruby)
    Hero: Thanks,you're the best!
    Chef: Hero, i made the Hi-Quality Cake for you attached with Candles. Now,Blow it out!
    Hero: Thanks,everyone. Hope this is the best age for me. (Blowing The Candles)
    Entire Guild: (Clapping)
    M.Healer: Let's Begin Our Party,Everyone!!!
    Entire Guild: YEAAAHHH!!!
    "Today is the day you've been waiting for. Your age raised by 1.
    Be happy, always. I give no watch nor rings. No flowers, poetry, or heart necklace.
    Sorry, not that I'm stingy or having low budget. I only want to give a genuine prayer"
    --To be continued--
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    "I hope God will always protect you. Make your dreams come true.
    May you have a long life, healthy forever. Happy birthday"

    Emerald - Happy Birthday (rough translation)
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    --- Leaderboard ---

    (1st: M.Knight, 2nd: F.Healer, 3rd: M.Fighter)
    M.Knight: Finally,i'm Number 1 in this Board. I can show them that I'm the Best in the Guild!
    (1st: F.Healer, 2nd: F.Mage, 3rd: M.Archer, 5th: M.Knight)
    M.Knight: Wai---What?! :o
    Hmmm... Reminds me of something...
    --- Photo ---

    (Ending The Battle)
    F.Mage: We did it!
    M.Mage: Let's take a Photo on Golem's Body
    (F.Mage Make A Cute Pose,Then Take A Photo By M.Mage)
    M.Mage: My turn!
    (M.Mage Make A Weird Pose,Then Take A Photo By F.Mage)
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