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  • --- F.Mage Cooking ---

    F.Mage: Hey,guys. i made dinner for you!
    M.Fighter & Hero: (Shock) Dinner???
    (F.Mage Put The Failed And Burnt Dishes Surrounded With Creepy Aura)
    Hero: What the...???
    F.Mage: It's Curry Rice,Fried Egg And Cakes. I hope you guys like my Dishes.
    M.Fighter: Are you kidding me?
    (Meanwhile In Kitchen)
    Chef: (Teary Eyes) I spend 10 hours to teach her how to cook the Delicious Dishes,but...ended like this...(Sniff)
    If Hero can survive this, He will resist any poison debuff from enemies later. so..good luck Hero-san!
    Dubious Food. (Breath of the Wild failed cooking)
    --- Mushroom ---

    F.Knight: We runs out the food!
    Hero: Anything could eat in this place?
    F.Archer: It's a bunch of Mushroom over there. I wonder it's safe to eat.
    F.Knight: No worries,we have to fill our inside no matter what it is.
    (Hero & F.Knight Eat The Mushroom,After 10 Seconds They Collapse With Foam)
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    I wonder how that guy survived the chivalry training...
    --- Onsen ---

    Hero: Ahh,dipping in the hot spring is the best!
    M.Knight: It fully recover our HP & MP, and remove all Bad Effect.
    (F Side)
    F.Mage: Hey,your Chest is Bigger than me!
    F.Healer: Really,i'm not notice it.
    F.Mage: That not fair,i will take your Bigger Chest for me!
    F.Healer: No,stop it!
    (M Side)
    Hero & M.Knight: (Nosebleeding)
    F.Mage: Hey,gu--- What happen with your nose?
    F.Healer: You're bleeding
    Hero: (Nosebleeding) It's all your fault!
    M.Knight: (Nosebleeding) Yeah!
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    M.Knight: It fully recover our HP & MP, and remove all Bad Effect, not speaking increasing our audience rate with highly predictable FanService.
    Hero: what FanService is?
    M.Knight: 3...2..1...
    --- Dialog Filter ---

    Gunner: Yo! my ****** friend?
    Hero: Uhh,what happen with your mouth?
    Gunner: Huh? what ****** happen with my mouth? i just speech as usual.
    Hero: But,your mouth are like the garbage!
    Gunner: Hey,what the **** are you say? you want the piece of **** with my ****** Gun!
    (Meanwhile,The Dialog Filter In The Option Is Off)
    is this one of spongebob episode ?
    CLOUD!! I told you to stop letting Barret run the puppet shows in this establishment!
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    @Shikamon inspired from Fallout with dialogue filter and,yeah,it is. i imagine the censor SFX is gunshots
    --- Dumped ---

    Hero: Please go out with me!
    F.Healer: (Silent In 10 Seconds) I refuse.
    Hero: ???
    F.Healer: I don't want my friendship with F.Mage is ruined because i'm in your side. so...i'm sorry. (Running)
    Hero: (Glass Break SFX)
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    Read the Friendship System too,you will understand
    Poor Hero; either it works out in the end, or he's not from most JRPGs from the 90s.
    --- Cheating Part 2 ---

    F.Healer: Ahh,This item really expensive!
    F.Mage: What should we do?
    Hero: Don't worry,i can use this (Activate 999999999G,Suddenly The Game Police Is Watching)
    Game Police:Ehem!!! (I See You Gesture)
    Hero: (Gulp)...Just...forget it...
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    also,Hero already released and allow him into the Game World without our knowledge. he promised to not using Cheat or, else he got arrested again.
    A second time offender. Tsk, tsk...
    The diligence of your comedic practice... MY BRAIN TREMBLES.
    --- Equipment Microtransaction ---

    M.Knight: How much this item?
    Merchant: 79.99 REAL Money
    (After Do Transaction In Real World)
    Merchant: Thanks,come back again!
    (In Distand)
    M.Knight: (Smile With Regret) Goodbye...My Dream Console And PC Gaming
    Microtransaction = Super Trap :rswt2:
    Kuro DCupu
    Kuro DCupu
    You should try working. It makes real money.
    M.Knight always working with guilds or some quests. The rest is the Player
    --- Friendship System ---

    (F.Mage and F.Healer's FP is 100)
    F.Mage: We did it! we can beat the monster easily!
    F.Healer: With the Friendship System,we got stronger thanks to you F.Mage (Hugging)
    F.Mage: (Blushing) Ahh...don't say like that. we are Best Friend Forever.
    (In Distand)
    M.Mage: They look happy...
    M.Healer: Yeah...always like that...
    --- Overused ---

    Hero: (Drink 3 HP Bottle L)
    F.Healer: Don't drink too much,or you got sick!
    Hero: Nah,i'm okay. it's the way to repleni---
    (Hero Collapse)
    Hero: (Weak) head (Coughing Then Vomiting)
    F.Healer: I told you to don't Drink 3 HP Bottle L or you're Sick. Let's go to Doctor.
    it inspires me from Fallout series. too much Chems you use,not good for your body.
    also,Addiction System is exciting system that i want to learn and implement in my project. for example,too much using HP Bottle will cause your HP drop 3 times and will back in many days (in RPG Maker case,i use steps to recover it)
    I have an addiction system in my unreleased post apocalyptic project, and if you drink too much alcohol or take too much drugs you will die.
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    --- Cheating ---

    Hero: I can't Stand this! (Activate Infinite HP, Stats 999)
    Game Police: Hold right there!
    Hero: What happened,sir?
    Game Police: You're under arrest because Using Cheat in the Game,illegally!
    (Handcuffing the Hero)
    Hero: Huh???
    Game Police: You have the Punishment to Not be in this world: 6 Months
    : (Shocking) WHAT???
    --- Music Selection Part 2 ---

    (Battle Begin)
    M.Fighter: Alright,let's begin the battl---
    (the Troll Song has played)
    M.Archer: Wait a that...
    Hero: Alright,let's begin the battle!
    M.Fighter & M.Archer: (Teary Eyes) Not Again!!!
    --- Anti-Bear Circle ---

    F.Fighter: Shoot! that Bear is really stronger than i expected!
    Hero: Don't worry,i perform this (Draw The Big Circle On The Ground)
    F.Fighter: What are you doing?
    Hero: It's Anti-Bear Circle. the Bear will never attacking u---
    (The Bear attacking Hero F.Fighter)
    Hero: (Weak) I think it's Oval,not Circle...

    Originated From Spongebob Squarepants
    don't forget Sea rhinoceroses !
    The circle are just for prevent the bear. About Rhino it's still mystery
    --- Gacha Skill ---

    Hero: Not again!!!
    M.Knight: What are you doing?
    Hero: I want to get that Weapon,it's really Legendary.
    M.Knight: i see,your Gacha Skill are Suck.
    Hero: Oh,yeah? Then i ask you to Get that Weapon in 1x Roll.
    M.Knight: Heheh...Leave it to me (add 5 Stones for 1x Roll,Legendary Weapon is out)
    M.Knight: See?
    Hero: ...
    --- Music Selection ---

    M.Archer: It's Music Station,You can Change the Music as you like.
    F.Healer: i want to hear the Romantic Music.
    M.Fighter: Then,i want the Hard-Rock one!
    (the Troll Song has played)
    M.Archer: Hey,i hear this Music.
    F.Healer: It's popular from Internet Music,i wonder who change it?
    Hero: I change it.
    Entire Party: YOU????
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    I do love the daily skits about game mechanics you gift us with, @Ami! That is the best part of my morning!
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    --- Survival For RPGist Part 3 ---

    F.Healer: Here it is,I made the Simple Sandwich
    : it's so Delicious!
    Chef: Here you Go! My Gourmet Steak.
    Survivalist: It's Super Delicious,Too!
    F.Mage: I Made it for you!
    F.Healer: Uhh...Charcoal?
    F.Mage No,It's a Toast!
    Chef: Did you Let it in 10 Minutes?
    F.Mage: Maybe?
    --- Survival For RPGist Part 2 ---

    Survivalist: Now,I going to Test you: Fishing with Spear
    M.Spear Knight: Leave it to me.
    (M.Spear Knight Spearing the Fish with His Battle Spear)
    M.Spear Knight: How it is?
    Survivalist: I know you did it,but...Is that the Spear for Battle,not for Fishing?
    M.Spear Knight: But,is that same?
    Survivalist: (Sigh)...Whatever
    --- Survival For RPGist ---

    Survivalist: I going to Test you: How to make the Fire.
    F.Mage: That easy. (Preparing the Spell) EXPLOSIVE!!!
    (an Explosion on the Wood Branch then Fire is Appeared)
    F.Mage: (Proud Face) See?
    Survivalist: (Angry Tone) MAGIC ISN'T ALLOWED!!!
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    It's common knowledge in the D&D world that a fireball in fact do little to no fire and all the damage come by impact wave. So the use of an "Explosive" is probably a savvy choice. That Mage deserve graduation.
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    --- Food Ingredients ---

    Hero: Since the Chef are in Hospital,we can't eat his Dish in 3 Days.
    F.Mage: What we have to Eat?
    M.Healer: Don't worry,we can Eat the Food Ingredients.
    Hero & F.Mage
    : Really?

    (3 Days Later)

    Chef: Hi,Guys. I'm Ba---
    (Entire Party Collapse After Eat Raw Meat)
    Chef: Wha...WHAT GOING ON HERE!!!!!!
    Tsk tsk...they should have just went to the inn. They all have food, at a price.
    @KazukiT i was thinking that,but his Chef is the best than the Inn's Chef
    Well, it looks like he has a job once they finish their quest.
    --- Item Discard ---

    F.Knight: Hero,can you Add this Mineral into our Bag?
    Hero: Leave it to me!

    (Capacity: 500/500)

    Hero: umm...our bag are full. what i have to do?
    F.Knight: Hmm...Let's see...

    F.Knight: (Throw Stuff Into Water) we can Discard anything to make the room of the Bag.
    Hero: (Hysterical Screaming) NOOOOOO!!!!!! MY RARE STUUUUUUFFF!!!!!!
    To turn it into cash at the cost of runes and a required magic level.
    Suddenly the water turns green.
    Villager 1: hey,what going on with this river?
    Villager 2: (Feel Sick) eugghh,i feel no good...
    Villager 3: (Worried) i'm afraid about my village!

    (In Distance)

    Hero: (Staring The F.Knight)
    F.Knight: (Silent)
    --- V.A.T.S ---

    Gunner: (Shoot 2 Legs)
    Monster: (Monster Fall Into Ground)
    Gunner: Now,he learned a lesson!
    Hero: Wow,that cool!. what that item on your head?
    Gunner: This is V.A.T.S,to aiming the specific parts of target.
    Hero: can i borrow it?!
    Gunner: Huh?

    (1 Hour Later)

    Hero: I have enough......THIS IS USELESS!!!!!!
    Gunner: ...
    Originated from Fallout Series
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