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    Script call Input.isTriggered/Pressed Help

    It works!!!!! (Of course!) Many, many thanks!
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    Script call Input.isTriggered/Pressed Help

    Definitely an option- thank you so much for your help!! :D
  4. AmMitch

    Script call Input.isTriggered/Pressed Help

    This is absolutely an option and was 100% my fallback. I just really like the idea of using tab, but in the end of course functionality will be the priority. Thanks so much for your help! :D
  5. AmMitch

    Script call Input.isTriggered/Pressed Help

    This, is such an amazing idea!! And makes a TON of sense. This is my first game, and although I've come very far with it, sometimes it takes me a while to deduce the smartest way to go about things- which I'm sure is true of all programming! Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful...
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    Script call Input.isTriggered/Pressed Help

    Hey All! My inventory screen is a separate map to which the player is transferred and returned- creating an 'opening' and 'closing' effect. For now I'm using 'tab' as the key that will transfer the player (open/close the inventory screen.) I've got everything working fine with the transfer...
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    RMMZ Completely Remove Gold feature from Menu and everywhere!

    Hey there, so I'm sure you no longer need to know this, but I had to do the same thing and just sorted it out. In case you or anyone else needs this info, just install this Gold Window Customizer plugin by SumRndmDde. In the parameters, there's a section called "Information." From the field...

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