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    What is your height?

    5'9 - 5'10 Was my height last time I checked.
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    What do you put on your hotdog/hamburger?

    Hamburger: Ketchup (Not too much), Mayo, Thin sliced tomatoes, Lettuce, Bacon, Fries, Chicken Nuggets. Then I dip it into sweet and sour sauce :P Hotdog: Whatever I find in the fridge
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    Jumping right in, hello!

    Hi Hi! Welcome to the community :D
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    E3 2014

    Nintendo's Lineup blew the others out of the water. I loved the Zelda game, I cant wait for Xenoblade, and SSB. I'm still waiting for more info on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. That Uncharted 4 sneak peak <3
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    Ragnarok Online 2

    Stick with RO1. RO2 just doesnt have that quality that the first one did.
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    Games you hate, yet everyone else cherishes.

    I loved Suikoden 4. Even though everyone says its the weakest of the Suikodens. Maybe its because that was the first one I played. Either way. I was into the whole pirate thing at the time and the game entertained the crap out of me. @The Final Fantasy 7 Convo. I loved 7. May not have been the...
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    Games that made you cry.

    The first 10 minutes of "The Last of Us" The ending of Crisis Core. When I was a kid and I saw Aerith die in FF7 Wow I thought there would be more :l Guess Im a cold heartless bastard.
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    The Secret Thread (Or Share a fact about yourself)

    I havent liked it since I was a kid. I would spit it out when my Mother gave me some. I try it every once in a while (Once a year maybe) to see if maybe I've gotten over the hate but I still dont like it :l How do you hate cheese? Cheese is part of my everyday life D:
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    The Secret Thread (Or Share a fact about yourself)

    Hmmm 1. I tend to sleep on the floor next to my bed instead of ON my bed.  2. I used to hate going into cafeterias, because all of my friends hated each other and I just couldnt choose between them. 3. I tend to space out when someones talking to me and walk away while they are in mid...
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    Try out Pokemmo, It was actually pretty fun xD

    Try out Pokemmo, It was actually pretty fun xD
  11. Amrod

    Child Sprite Set

    Ooohh I was looking for that one :D
  12. Amrod

    Child Sprite Set

    I love you man thank you xD
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    Child Sprite Set

    I was wondering if anyone had a sprite set or could link me to one. Looking for the actors in kid form. As well as a emo set if there is one corresponding to it. Sorry for the bother and Thanks in advance!
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    Games that made you cry.

    Ending of Final Fantasy X, Ending of Crisis Core, and the first Kingdom Hearts.
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    Most underrated RPG

    @RyanA aahhhh I love Overlord!!! played all of them even the one for Wii haha, those games where soo fun! They are severely underrated.

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